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19 February 2021, 12:30

New timber harvester made by Belarusian Amkodor going through field trials

Photo courtesy of Amkodor
Photo courtesy of Amkodor

MINSK, 19 February (BelTA) – A developmental prototype of the new Amkodor FH3081 timber harvester has successfully completed the first scheduled field trials in a forestry enterprise in Minsk District, representatives of the Belarusian mechanical engineering company Amkodor told BelTA.

According to the source, the heavy timber harvester is designed to cut down trees, which trunks can be up to 75cm thick, and crosscut logs into timber assortments of specific sizes. The new machine has been made specifically for timber harvesting operations in Russia and other promising regions where tree trunks boast considerable thickness.

The developmental prototype will continue trials in forestry enterprises in Belarus first and in forestry enterprises in Russia in April. Based in Russia's Republic of Karelia, OOO Amkodor-Onego will take care of the batch production of the Amkodor FH3081 timber harvester.

According to Amkodor representatives, the new harvester is a cutting-edge machine that meets international standards in operational safety, ergonomics, fire safety, and modern requirements in the sphere of environmental protection. It implements all the best engineering solutions Amkodor has come up with since it started making machines for the forestry industry.

Amkodor FH3081 relies on an 8x8 wheel formula. The driving axles can be blocked and removable tracks can be attached to increase the vehicle's off-road capability. All the systems, including the 300hp YaMZ-536 engine, are fitted with electronic controls. The driver's cab offers increased comfort. The vehicle can operate in frosty weather – the engine is designed to start in air temperatures below zero and the fuel line can be heated. The performance of the new model exceeds that of Amkodor FH3081's predecessors by a third. It is the key advantage of the new vehicle.

Founded in 1927, the holding company Amkodor produces 125 models and modifications of vehicles, machines, and equipment. The company employs more than 6,000 specialists. All its enterprises are integrated into one technological chain. Every constituent enterprise specializes in making specific parts and units for other enterprises of the company. The holding company constantly designs new models and improves existing ones.

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