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Lukashenko: Neighboring countries chose confrontational policy towards Belarus “The situation in the neighboring countries is unfavorable for us. Moreover, these countries have opted for a confrontational policy towards Belarus,” he said.
Situation with migrants on Belarus-EU border described as humanitarian catastrophe
“Let's talk about what we will do next. It is terrible that people are suffering. They were given clothes, food, firewood, tents,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.
Vladimir Makei. An archive photo Makei in UN: Belarus has been a target of the West's belligerent pressure for more than a year
Vladimir Makei said: “Although calls for stronger security, multilaterality, solidarity, and mutual assistance are made in these walls every year, today the world has reached the highest degree of confrontation. Belarus is also involved in this geopolitical war against its will."
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Belarus 23rd in 2020 Global Food Security Index
According to the ministry, Russia goes 24th, Kazakhstan -32nd, Azerbaijan – 56th, Uzbekistan – 83rd, Tajikistan – 85th, Poland – 25th, Spain – 26th, Hungary – 36th, Bulgaria – 44th, and Ukraine – 54th. In 2019, Belarus was 36th.
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