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Thursday, 13 August 2020
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Lukashenko holds session to discuss topical issues “Before the election we agreed that we would meet a few days after the election campaign to discuss topical issues. It is clear that the priority tasks for the government bodies, in particular, for the Security Council (perhaps, especially for this agency) are to ensure security of our people, to protect the constitutional order, and to guarantee the normal operation of state administration bodies,” the head of state said.
Lukashenko hosts meeting to discuss Belarus' food industry
According to the head of state, it was the first review meeting after new appointments in the above-mentioned industrial sectors in December 2019.
An archive photo Makei, Rinkevics discuss prospects for Belarus-EU relations
Vladimir Makei informed his Latvian counterpart on the post-election situation in Belarus and on the attempts of foreign interference into Belarus' domestic affairs. Edgars Rinkevics gave Latvia's take on the ongoing developments.
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Roman Golovchenko Prime minister underlines calm situation in Belarusian production sector
The prime minister believes that people want to continue working calmly. “We see that the workers state: let us work, let us calmly earn money, we want to feed our families,” the head of government noted.
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