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Thursday, 2 April 2020
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Aleksandr Lukashenko and Natalya Kochanova
Lukashenko, Kochanova discuss presidential election, economic situation, coronavirus There are a number of issues we need to discuss. These include political issues as 2020 is the year of the presidential election. Economy is our biggest concern for now. This issue will not go anywhere. We need not only to discuss but also make arrangements for the presidential election, the head of state said.
Aleksandr Lukashenko Lukashenko urges to work, pull through coronavirus crisis by all means
He emphasized that various viral infections should not be disregarded. After all, the morbidity is at its peak now. “The disease rate peaks every spring, but it goes down later. I pray to God that it will subside by Easter,” he said.
An archive photo Belarus' MPs to discuss ratification of visa agreement with EU on 2 April
The spring session of the Belarusian parliament will open on 2 April. On this day members of the House of Representatives will discuss the ratification of the agreements on visa facilitation and readmission.
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The seat of the Council of Ministers. An archive photo Belarusian government curbs price growth to 0.5% per month
A price increase beyond the specified limit can be authorized by the commission for the state regulation of pricing under the Council of Ministers. Apart from that, government agencies (organizations) that regulate prices (tariffs) in accordance with the law may not raise them without the commission's authorization.
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