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Flag Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Belarus observes Day of National Remembrance of Victims of Great Patriotic War and Genocide of  Belarusian People  On this day, the country remembers those who sacrificed their lives to defend the Motherland, those who were murdered, tortured in fascist captivity, who died in the rear from hunger and disease.
Lukashenko unveils new sports complex in Dzerzhinsk
Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko took part in a ceremony to commission the Olympus sports and recuperation complex in Dzerzhinsk on 21 June, BelTA has learned.
FM: Belarus is ready to return to CFE Treaty provided NATO member states come back to it too
We have repeatedly said that any peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian conflict and any discussion of European and Eurasian security without Russia and Belarus are absolutely futile," Sergei Aleinik said. 
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High growth potential of Belarusian manufacturing sector pointed out
 Yuri Chebotar noted that the manufacturing sector secured a growth rate of 107.7% in 2023, with the growth rate of the mechanical engineering industry exceeding 113%. New record highs were reported in the production of haul trucks, buses, trucks, and cars.
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