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Friday, 10 July 2020
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All news
ZAO Atlant's performance amid pandemic hailed as example for other enterprises “There are positive movements in any crisis situation, and we must use them,” the head of state said.
Aleksandr Lukashenko visits OAO Atlant Lukashenko wants salaries at private companies and top ten enterprises correlated
“Private enterprises cannot pay salaries lower than the top 10 enterprises. In this way, we will also control the salaries of those who consider themselves to be ‘free from everything'," the president stressed.
Photo courtesy of the MFA UAE ambassador thanked for promoting Belarus-UAE relations
The minister lauded the high level of bilateral cooperation between Belarus and the UAE, active political dialogue, and the prospects for trade, economic and investment cooperation between the two countries.
News agency News of Belarus today
An archive photo 71 new resident companies added to Belarus' Hi-Tech Park
The new resident companies specialize in healthcare, logistics, financial technologies, digital commerce, consulting, gaming, and software development for agribusiness.
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