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Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko on car production launch in Belarus: My dream has come true
“Our friends responded to my request and helped to set up this wonderful factory. They have also given a loan. Therefore, first of all I would like to say that my dream to produce a car in Belarus has come true,” Alexander Lukashenko said.


Agriculture in Belarus As of early 2017, there were 8,428.7 hectares of agricultural land in Belarus, which accounted for 40% of the country's territory (comparable to the size of Austria).
Belarus in the 2017 Global ICT Development Index Belarus is ranked 32nd in the 2017 Global ICT Development Index according to the latest Measuring Information Society report, which evaluates ICT development in the ITU member states.
International Committee of the Red Cross International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was founded in Geneva in 1863.
International reserve assets of Belarus In October 2017 Belarus' gold and foreign exchange reserves rose by $128.6 million (1.8%)* to the equivalent of $7.4 billion** as of 1 November 2017


Lukashenko: Decree to stimulate purchase of Belarusian cars will be signed soon
“We are thinking of the ways to help people buy these cars. Families need cars. Therefore, it is essential to find ways to support you. I think we will find good variants. The document will be signed in the near future,” Alexander Lukashenko said. “We are mulling over various options, including deferred payment loans and leasing.”


Vladimir Makei No risks to cooperation with Russia in Belarus' tighter relations with EU
Vladimir Makei said: “Our desire for closer relations with Germany and the European Union as a whole poses no risks to cooperation. Contrariwise, the more stable Belarus is, the more stable the situation in the region will be.”
Union State Council of Ministers to meet in Gomel on 8 December
“The Council of Ministers is meeting on 8 December,” Grigory Rapota said. The agenda will include a package of trade and economic issues related to the balance of trade, the creation of equal conditions to boost competition, and the Union State programs.
Gabriel hopes Belarusian president will attend EaP summit in Brussels
We are on the eve of the Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels which Belarus will attend. We have high hopes that the president will be able to come because it would be a good signal, Sigmar Gabriel said.


Sigmar Gabriel and Vladimir Makei Hope for robust business cooperation between Belarus, Germany
We welcome the growing interest of German business in Belarus and are ready to provide necessary support to joint Belarusian-German projects oriented at the huge market of the Eurasian Economic Union and China's New Silk Road initiative, Vladimir Makei said.


During the meeting. Photo courtesy of Belarus' Information Ministry Belarus' image promotion as 2019 European Games host discussed with Euronews
On 16 November Information Minister Alexander Karlyukevich held a working meeting with representatives of Euronews S.A.: International Sales Director Kjell Stein and Manager Jana Erdmann.
During the presentation. Photo courtesy of the Belarusian Embassy in Russia Belarusian magazine Biathlon showcased in Moscow
Belarus does a lot to promote sports, Yuri Yaroshevich, Minister Counsellor of the Belarusian Embassy in Russia, noted in the opening speech.
Martin Sajdik Ceasefire matters top Ukraine talks agenda in Minsk
“Keeping in mind the events of the last week, the issues of compliance with the ceasefire agreements and security of civilians in the conflict zone were in the spotlight of the talks of the trilateral contact group and its working group on security,” Martin Sajdik said.


Dinamo Minsk sink Ak Bars in Minsk
In the final session Charles Linglet reinforced the Bisons' lead for 3-1 on a power play, and Marc-Andre Gragnani added a fourth into the empty net to cap the scoring and claim the victory for Minsk.