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Decision on promotion of entrepreneurship to be adopted at presidential level in Belarus
The decision on the promotion of entrepreneurship in Belarus will be taken at the presidential level, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at the meeting with the senior officials of the Belarus President Administration.


Central European Initiative The Central European Initiative was established in 1989 as a regional forum of political, economic, and cultural cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe.
European 10,000m Cup The European 10,000 Cup will be held at the stadium of the National Olympic Athletics Center in Minsk on 10 June 2017.
Belarus' Gold and Forex Reserves In January-May 2017 Belarus' gold and foreign currency reserves went up by 311.7 million (6.3%) to total $5.2 billion as of 1 June 2017.
Belagro 2017 The 27th international specialized expo Belagro 2017 will take place in Minsk on 6-10 June (Belarusian Agro Industrial Week).


The meeting in progress Belarus president in favor of quarterly government conferences for discussing vital problems
Alexander Lukashenko said: “We are going to discuss serious matters concerning the development of the entire country such as agriculture and utilities. Come to think of it, education is a matter of national importance, too. This is why we should make decisions on these topics.”


Dmitry Mironchik UN Human Rights Council's resolution on Belarus slammed as another example of double standards
The resolution is another example of double standards imposed on this body evaluating the human rights situation in different countries, Dmitry Mironchik said.
Sergei Lavrov Lavrov: No jealousy, allergic reaction in Russia to Belarus' rapprochement with EU
As for the rapprochement between Belarus and the European Union, we have no allergic reaction, no jealousy. It is a natural aspiration of all countries, including the Russian Federation, to seek mutually beneficial relations with all their neighbors, Sergei Lavrov noted.
Belarus calls for coordinating international efforts to prevent humanitarian crises
Larysa Belskaya drew the attention to the need of coordinated efforts of the international community to prevent humanitarian crises.


Andrei Kobyakov at Borisov Bread Factory Plans to build large agricultural holding company near Borisov
A new structure Borisovagroproduct is designed to incorporate the branches of Borisov Bread Factory, new pig farms, the Borisovkhlebprom company and its branches in Zhodino, Vileika, Molodechno, Nesvizh, and Soligorsk.


Andrei Ravkov Belarusian military training internationally recognized as effective
The defense minister said that the national military school develops vigorously and is sufficient for training personnel for all tiers of the national military security system. The Belarusian military school has been recognized internationally as effective.
Hiroki Tokunaga Japan may step up grant assistance for grassroots projects in Belarus
We have an idea of what a nuclear disaster is. So we are glad to provide assistance to the people of Belarus. We will certainly continue the GGP program and consider expanding it in the future, Hiroki Tokunaga said.
Film about BELARUS tractors wins grand prix of international festival in United States
The 17-minute video about the Belarusian tractor was recognized as the best among 2,000 entries from more than 50 countries. The film tells a story about the life of the tractor BELARUS working in different countries.


Craig Woodcroft. Photo courtesy of HC Dinamo Minsk Craig Woodcroft parts with HC Dinamo Minsk
The club was ready to continue cooperation with the specialist. However, taking into account Craig Woodcroft's wish to terminate the contract, we agreed to do it on mutual agreement without termination indemnity, HC Dinamo Minsk Director General Anatoly Kurilets said.