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Lukashenko demands strict fulfillment of resolutions of Belarusian People's Congress
“In the second half of the year we traditionally discuss major guidelines of the Belarusian economic policy, first of all, short-term guidelines. This year is special as it starts the new five-year period,” Alexander Lukashenko noted.


Belarusian mechanical engineering industry January-August 2016 saw Br6.5 billion* worth of mechanical engineering products made — 12.6% of the total industrial output.
Main social and economic indicators of Belarus in January-August 2016 Belarus' GDP, industrial output, agricultural output, fixed-capital investments, housing commissioned using all sources of funding, retail trade, and other ones.
Belarus' New Agro-Climatic Zone The climate change led to the appearance of a new, warmer agro-climatic zone in the country.
Legends' Race in Raubichi The project initiated by three-time Olympic champion Darya Domracheva will feature many world-renowned biathletes


Alexander Lukashenko Lukashenko calls for concerted efforts to restore cultural, historical monuments in Belarus
The Church has always inspired architects to create architectural masterpieces. Many churches in Belarus are monuments of historical and cultural value. Today they need special care, Alexander Lukashenko said.


Vladimir Makei and Peter Thomson. Photo courtesy of Belarus' Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belarus' contribution to UN activities praised
Peter Thomson also emphasized the noble principles, which the country consistently promotes in the Organization.
Kozidavlat Koimdodov Tajikistan Ambassador hails mutually beneficial relations with Belarus
There is a good Tajik-Belarus legal framework that comprises more than 60 agreements that help develop bilateral cooperation in various areas.
Vladimir Makei and Ban Ki-moon. Photo courtesy of Belarus' Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belarus deposits Paris Climate Agreement instrument of acceptance with UN
The UN Secretary General thanked Belarus for the leadership and active participation in the international process to combat climate change.


Andrei Kobyakov. An archive photo Performance of Belarusian economy affected by unfavorable external factors
“Today the economy is operating in the conditions of the stressful and unfavorable scenarios developed to make forecasts at the beginning of the year,” said Belarus PM Andrei Kobyakov.


Slow customs control at Belarusian-Latvian border this weekend
According to the source, the Latvian customs service will turn off computer systems in the border checkpoints at the Belarusian-Latvian border from 8:00 on 24 September till 8:00 on 26 September.
Council of Europe eager to cooperate with Belarus in fighting cybercrimes
Representatives of the Council of Europe noted the high level of cooperation between government agencies and Internet service providers in Belarus. They expressed interest in a more active dialogue with Belarus for the sake of working out platforms to step up cooperation in this field.
Belcartography, Roscartography to consider publishing atlas for tourists
Andrei Gayev believes that a wide range of stakeholders are interested in such joint cartography projects. We will create products about different aspects of the relations between Belarus and Russia, including history, geography and economy, he said.


Belarus draws Romania for 2017 Davis Cup opener
The tie will take place in Minsk on 3-5 February 2017. Romania is ranked 32nd in the ITF Davis Cup Nations Ranking. If Belarus wins, it will take on Austria in the second round on 7-9 April.


Konstantin Geronik Dancers of Belarus' Bolshoi win third prize at International Ballet Competition in Astana
Alexandra Chizhik and Konstantin Geronik, lead dancers of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus, have been awarded third prize at the 3rd International Ballet Competition in Astana.
Part of the Brest Fortress memorial Russian-funded film highlights 60th anniversary of Brest Fortress Defense Museum
The documentary was made by the regional public organization Spirit of Elba with assistance of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia, the Embassy of Belarus in Russia, the Belarusian and Russian public associations DOSAAF, and several other organizations.
An archive photo Khoroshki dance company gearing up for European tour
In early 2017 the group will tour Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Ljubljana, and other European capitals.