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24 January 2022, 13:40

Confidence in security of Belarusian border assured

Photo courtesy of the State Border Committee of Belarus
Photo courtesy of the State Border Committee of Belarus

MINSK, 24 January (BelTA) – The security of Belarus' state borders will be ensured by any methods. Forces and assets are available to make it happen, BelTA learned from Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus Anatoly Lappo.

The official pointed out that 2021 was a special and tense year for the border service. “Our borders have never seen such concentration of troops of neighboring countries,” he explained. For instance, there are 15,000 defense, security, and law enforcement personnel in Poland in direct proximity of the Belarusian border or 7-8 people per every 200 meters. “What for?” Anatoly Lappo wondered. “For the sake of tension and all kinds of provocations. Our border markers have been fired at. Border signs at the Belarusian-Polish border have been destroyed.”

Anatoly Lappo
Anatoly Lappo

The situation at the southern border remains tense, too. “We have never thought that our southern neighbor would behave like that,” Anatoly Lappo said while referring to Ukraine. He mentioned the Polesie exercise as an example of unfriendly behavior. The Ukrainian side is raising hysterics using plans to hold the Belarusian-Russian army exercise Allied Resolve 2022 as a pretext, the official noted. “Additional forces and assets are being deployed for the sake of border protection although Belarusian and Ukrainian border guards are sufficient for normal border protection in conditions of mutually beneficial cooperation,” he said. “But totally different masters, instructors, who formulated quite different goals, came into Ukraine. The situation is changing.”

“You know perfectly well that any border conflict begins with minor things. Today the president was informed about the prevention of the evolution of these trifles into a full-scale conflict although the other side is pushing us towards us. But we are border guards, we are adequate people just like all Belarusians. We've always assessed, assess, and will assess the situation. But I can tell everyone right away that the security of our state borders will be ensured by any methods. We have the forces and assets for it,” the head of the Belarusian border service noted.

In his words, this year's main efforts to protect and equip the state border will be focused in the direction of Ukraine and in the directions where threats and challenges to security will be found. No troops or assets will be redeployed. “We will reinforce using reserves,” Anatoly Lappo explained. Since new modern hardware becomes available, there is manpower to spare. “There will be a maneuver. There will be no weakening anywhere.”

BelTA reported earlier that on 24 January Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko approved the decision on guarding the state border for 2022.

According to the State Border Committee, in 2022 the border service will focus efforts on the border sections where new external challenges and threats to border security may emerge, especially on the border with Ukraine.

“The border service has clear-cut tasks. One of the main tasks is to increase the efficiency of state border protection by improving the engineering and technical infrastructure of the border. The situation in the border area will be constantly monitored to detect signs of provocations and promptly take measures to stop them,” the State Border Committee said.

The plans also include the completion of demarcation of the junction of the borders of Belarus, Poland and Ukraine in Brest District. “The border service, including in cooperation with the Defense Ministry, will continue the planned build-up of resources, including mobilization ones,” the source added.

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