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11 May 2024, 13:56

Tomasz Szmydt speaks about persecution by the Polish special services

MINSK, 11 May (BelTA) – They fabricated a criminal case against me well in advance for my political position, the Polish dissident, judge Tomasz Szmydt said in a new episode of the V Teme [On Point] project on BelTA’s YouTube channel. 

"I hope that for some Poles I will become a positive example. Let them see that it is enough to say a few words of truth and the entire state apparatus gets in motion against one person. I think those who are able to think for themselves will come to the conclusion that what I did was really necessary, that it will be useful for Poland. For ordinary people, this will be an important gesture," Tomasz Szmydt said. 

The Polish judge said that in Poland he was subjected to pressure: "I received telephone threats. Strangers came up to me and told me to go away to England or America. There was also a signal from my friends. They said that the special services were already fabricating a case against me." 

Tomasz Szmydt noted that he tried not to express his opinion on the need to normalize Poland's relations with Belarus and Russia publicly. Nevertheless, he expressed it to some acquaintances. "Apparently, at some point certain circles decided that it was dangerous," he said.

"Judging by what the media has already written and by what my friends have told me, I can conclude that they really fabricated a case against me well in advance," the Polish judge added.

Tomasz Szmydt is a judge of the 2nd Department of the Voivodeship Administrative Court in Warsaw. Previously, he held various positions in the judicial system and justice bodies of Poland. He was the head of the legal department at the National Council of Judges of Poland.

Due to his disagreement with the policies and actions by the authorities, he was forced to leave Poland and is currently in Belarus. He was persecuted and threatened for his independent political position.
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