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24 September 2020, 20:00

Opinion: I know what a color revolution is and don't want to see one in Belarus

Nezavisimosti Square. An archive photo
Nezavisimosti Square. An archive photo

MINSK, 24 September (BelTA) – “I've survived a color revolution in Armenia and don't want such events to happen in my native country,” Irina Pogosyan, chairwoman of the Belarusian community of Armenia, told BelTA.

She said: “Certainly, all our thoughts are now in Belarus. I am a citizen of Belarus. I voted for Aleksandr Lukashenko during this presidential election. Since a so-called velvet revolution happened in Armenia, I would not like one to happen in my native country. I deeply regret that reports that people go out to protest on their own, that the protests are not organized from abroad are trusted. I saw it all more than two years ago. Totally the same things happened in Armenia. Only men beating drums stood in Armenia instead of women in white clothes in Belarus. Drums probably suit the temperament of Armenians better. As for the rest, it's all the same.”

Irina Pogosyan noted that Belarusians should preserve all the best things that their country has. “I would very much like everything to go back to the peaceful way of life. I would like the advantages Belarus has and other countries don't to be preserved. I refer to healthcare and social security. I'd love this cleanliness, beauty, and peace to be preserved. There is no other country like that,” she noted. “I and members of our organization come to Belarus for festivals, internship and see everything with our own eyes. In Armenia we preserve the Belarusian language, we have a Sunday school, choirs for children and adults. When I lived in Belarus, it was probably not so important to me. I mean I didn't even think about it. I took it for granted. But when I came here, it became the most important thing in my life for me, except for my family.”

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