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03 October 2022, 13:37

Belarusian microelectronics company Integral urged to secure major breakthrough

MINSK, 3 October (BelTA) – OAO Integral needs a major breakthrough. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement while making personnel decisions on 3 October, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko approved the appointment of Andrei Buinevich as Director General of OAO Integral, the managing company of the holding company Integral. Andrei Buinevich has been working as a deputy industry minister up till now.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “Did you want the job? Or did they force you out?”

Andrei Buinevich said: “No, it is my decision.”

“This manufacturing business has its own peculiarities…” the president remarked.

The newly appointed executive responded by saying he knows his way around: he is the head of the company's supervisory board and oversees this branch of the manufacturing sector as a deputy industry minister.

Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that OAO Integral is in a difficult line of business but the products enjoy an extreme demand. He noted: “During the latest negotiations the Russian president remarked they are ready to pay anything for microelectronic products. I have to admit that in the post-Soviet space we've let this branch of the manufacturing sector deteriorate considerably. Microelectronics is vital. Aircraft, missiles, high-precision weapons are impossible without it. Thank god, we've kept this enterprise going. This is why I said it for a reason that it is necessary to know this manufacturing business very well and organize the process. It needs a breakthrough, a major breakthrough,” he stressed.

“We and Russians are going to invest in this industry because a global market is opening up in our part: a Belarusian-Russian market, a post-Soviet market. And then the products will sell everywhere if they are good. But competition will be crazy. Thank god the competitors no longer operate on our market. It means we will be in demand. This is why we are going to take care of this industry together with Russia. Things will not be easy, this is why you have to work things out,” the president added.

New management of the Mogilevkhimvolokno company has been appointed as well. Vladimir Markov's appointment as the Director General of Mineral Wax Plant has been approved.

Aleksandr Lukashenko told Vladimir Markov: “I would like you to improve the enterprise starting today. I cannot say we've let things slide. We just had excessive hope that the previous director will fix things. But not everything worked out due to various reasons, including objective ones. This is why we also expect you to achieve… not a revolution but very serious shifts.”

The president gave instructions to review Mogilevkhimvolokno's intended projects and implement them fast if necessary. “You know what Khimvolokno means for Mogilev. It is a very important enterprise,” the head of state stressed.

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