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30 April 2024, 15:01

Lukashenko to residents of regions: Belarus will stay independent as long as you are around

KOSTYUKOVICHI, 30 April (BelTA) – As long as the regions that preserve Belarus’ national traditions live, the country will stay independent and sovereign. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he met with residents of the town of Kostyukovichi, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “I’ve been trying to calculate how many years I have not been here. Five? It is not that much considering we have a lot of towns and cities. But you are the edge. Not the last ones but at the very edge. At the border. Honestly speaking, I was a bit surprised by your preserving everything in order and by your working the land quite well. That is also very important. I looked at what beauty you live in. Honestly speaking, I envy you. Other district capitals can learn something from you.”

The president reminded that a program to develop southeastern parts of Mogilev Oblast was adopted in Belarus back in the day. There are plans to sum up results of this work in summer. Municipal authorities believe that the preferences granted by the program should be extended. Aleksandr Lukashenko stated he does not mind but only if the work that had been done had produced results. “We need to look at what you’ve done out of what we’ve agreed on. If you have done it, then we will move forward,” he promised.

“But on the whole, I am certainly grateful to you. Well done. You live in a beautiful town. It is like Minsk in the east of our beautiful country. Including in Mogilev Oblast. I thank you very much for it. For the fact that you are genuine. I feel it that you are genuine. Amateur art performances and crafts. Everything is local. It is something a major city can be envious of, including the capital city. It is a great accomplishment. We will support you in this regard. Everything that is going on here is in my heart. Particularly the fact that you have preserved weaving business. You preserve our ancient traditions. This is why I say that you are genuine and patriotic. As long as you are around, the country will stay independent and sovereign and we will have no one to be afraid of. If we steer away from this road, that will be the end of us,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

Kostyukovichi residents presented a small copy of the commemorative sign erected outside a local cultural center in honor of Kostyukovichi District poets and writers to the head of state. “We hope that this gift will bring only kind and bright things to you, to every Belarusian, and to our country,” the residents said as they presented the gift to the president.

“Thank you very much. Once again I repeat: thank you for being genuine. Be like that. Be genuine Belarusians. And be friends with your neighbors,” the Belarusian leader said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko asked the locals not to forget about residents of Ukraine: people flee from the war and need all kinds of support. “Don’t forget that Ukrainians are our people as well,” he urged the locals.

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