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22 December 2021, 18:06

Lukashenko draws conclusions from Polish defector's revelations

GOMEL, 22 December (BelTA) – A number of conclusions can be made after hearing the story told by the Polish soldier Emil Czeczko. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he met with Gomel Oblast senior officials on 22 December, BelTA has learned.

Challenges in the sphere of state security were discussed during the meeting among other things. Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “I have to tell you that we see everything that has been said here. It is the upper part of this iceberg. The situation is much more serious. And those, who deeply analyze this situation inside our country and beyond borders of our state while focusing on individual elements, see what is going on around us. II will give you an example so that you could understand it.”

As an example Aleksandr Lukashenko referred to recent events concerning the Polish defector. “You may have noticed that he said they had killed not only poor migrants while drunk but Poles, who'd been helping these refugees, as well. They made them drunk. And then special people forced them to. Those were not border guardsmen, as he said. They wore uniforms and introduced themselves as Polish border guards. Those were specifically trained people, who are part of the intelligence services system.”

The head of state said: “They forced them and made them do it. Why? Roughly speaking, there is no need for a public display if you want to kill a person, who is fleeing the war. You have to agree that it could have been done quietly and nobody would have known anything. No, they made them drunk and told them to shoot in the forehead, in the head. Even looking at him it is obvious that… To kill a person, listen, it is… I don't know whether even every military serviceman in this chamber could do it in such a situation.”

“If, certainly, there is a war going on, if you understand that you will be killed tomorrow or you will be killed right now in a firefight. Or your family will be killed and so on, then it is absolutely understandable. And if god forbid one of your relatives is killed, then you are psychologically ready for revenge. But in this calm situation they selected military personnel, deployed them at the border, and forced them to kill. Do you think they did it only for the sake of killing people in Poland? No,” Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked. “I wouldn't want that very much. But I keep it in mind and encourage uniformed personnel to take this factor into account. It is likely they were being trained to kill foreigners in another country. Which one? We'll see. Let them try. Here is an element for you. Seemingly a clandestine one. But specialists scrutinize events closely and make the relevant conclusions.”

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