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Belarus president urges to step up efforts to develop digital economy
“We should accept the new reality, as they say, the digital reality and use all the opportunities it opens up for Belarus. Therefore, we have prepared a draft decree “Concerning the development of the digital economy,” the head of state said.


CIS countries' approval rating in Russia The Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VtsIOM) released the results of the survey into how the Russians assess the successes of the CIS countries, which CIS countries they believe are Russia's reliable partners, where they think the rights of Russian-speaking people are ensured best, which CIS leader they approve of.
Elections to the local Councils of Deputies The deadlines for the formation of election commissions, constituencies and polling stations: Territorial election commissions - 24 November
Entrepreneurship Development Ordinance On 23 November Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko signed Ordinance No.7 “On entrepreneurship development”, which is the key document in the package of regulations designed to improve the country's business climate.
Belarus' main social and economic indicators in January-October 2017 January-October 2017 as against January-October 2016: GDP – 102% industrial output* — 106.3%


Lukashenko praises progress in modernization of OAO Kamvol
“I have come to congratulate you on the completion of the great modernization project. We launched it long ago, faced many difficulties. Different things happened. I think that we have done everything to reach our main goal, which is to produce good fabrics,” the head of state said as he met with the personnel of the enterprise.


Oleg Kravchenko Belarus-EU partnership priorities almost coordinated
“We are at the final stage of coordinating partnership priorities. We still have some technical moments to look at,” said Oleg Kravchenko.
Nomination of candidates in local elections underway in Belarus
This nomination period will last till 8 January 2018 inclusively. According to the law, a candidate can be nominated by a labor collective, a political party and through the collection of signatures.
Belarus' presidency seen as bringing balance to CEI
The presidency of Belarus helped it and its partners to establish new contacts and gave the CEI and all of us a new forward movement, brought balance to our activities, Margot Klestil-Loeffler said.


Broader manufacturing cooperation between Belarus, Moldova suggested
Andrei Kobyakov said: “This year we celebrate 25 years of our diplomatic relations. I should mention that we've secured some good changes across the broad spectrum of cooperation, including trade and economic cooperation. We still have additional avenues to explore."


An archive photo Belarusian foreign minister mentions 90-day visa-free travel program as future possibility
When asked about prospects of extending the current five-day visa-free travel option up to 90 days, Vladimir Makei said: “I cannot rule it out”. The official reminded that Belarus had signed a number of agreements on visa-free stay for 30 days.
Ivan Saverchenko. An archive photo Belarusian philologist receives Stars of Commonwealth Award
Ivan Saverchenko was honored with the award for numerous historical novels and essays about prominent personalities of Belarus. His books are widely used to teach students in the CIS countries.
Belarus' healthcare development strategy through 2040 drafted
The strategy is designed to take a comprehensive approach, based on scientifically sound proposals, to solving the problems and promoting the implementation of a unified state policy aimed at preserving and strengthening health and improving the quality of life of citizens.


Kaisa Makarainen, Anastasiya Kuzmina and Darya Domracheva Domracheva third in Hochfilzen pursuit
The three-time Olympic champion maintained her lead until the first standing stage when the Belarusian had a penalty to give way to Anastasiya Kuzmina of Slovakia who won the race in 28:51.4, with one penalty.