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Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko demands results from Belarusian ice hockey team
At the beginning of the session the president emphasized that the state of affairs in Belarusian ice hockey is discussed at his level not because there are great achievements in this field or, as people say, he likes to play ice hockey himself. The reason is that ice hockey and football are the most popular sports.


Belarusian defense technology expo MILEX 2017 Over 30 countries will be represented during the eighth Belarusian defense technology expo MILEX 2017, which will take place in Minsk on 20-22 May.
Belarus' main social and economic indicators in January-April 2017 January-April 2017 as against January-April 2016: GDP – 100.5%, industrial output* — 105.4%
Belarus-Serbia: Trade and Economic Cooperation Since 2009 when Belarus and Serbia signed an intergovernmental free trade agreement, the trade between the two countries surged almost 5 times to exceed $250 million in 2015.
WannaCry malware As many as 162,800 computers in 150 countries remain infected as a result of the hacker attack utilizing the WannaCry malware.


Alexander Lukashenko and Markku Markkula Belarus interested in interacting with EU on development of regions
“I am very glad to meet with you because you deal with very serious problems. We faced them long ago, in Soviet times. These problems involve our people living in rural areas, villages and small towns. We are reliable partners for those in Europe who want good and happy lives for people living, first of all, in rural areas,” the president said.


Minsk to host CEI Deputy Secretary General, 12 national delegations
According to Irina Starovoytova, Belarus views the CEI as an efficient tool that helps boost and strengthen regional cooperation.
Photo courtesy of Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Call for maintaining momentum in Belarus-Egypt economic cooperation
Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei met with Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry Tarek Qabil co-chairing the Belarusian-Egyptian trade commission on 25 May.
Ecuador President-elect Lenin Moreno Andreichenko attends Ecuador president's inauguration
Vladimir Andreichenko held a brief talk with Lenin Moreno. The speaker congratulated the president on his inauguration, wished him strong health, wellbeing and success on his responsible post.


Andrei Kobyakov Steps promised to resolve legal problems in Uber's operation in Belarus
Andrei Kobyakov described the visit of Uber's top executives to Belarus as a momentous event. “It confirms that digital technologies develop rapidly in Belarus, that our country offers a favorable business environment. I expect we will be able to build long-term and mutually beneficial strategic cooperation,” he remarked.


180-day visa-free travel for China-Belarus industrial park's potential investors, residents
Due to peculiarities of the project, the project's international status, and its novelty for Belarus the park needs a large number of foreign specialists with experience of implementing similar projects in other countries, specialists, who speak foreign languages as well as native speakers.
Website for booking Belarusian travel services presented in Minsk
The project is supposed to help foreigners rediscover Belarus as a hospitable and friendly country. It will tell visitors about the country's tourism opportunities and will help develop the Belarusian hospitality industry using modern information technologies. The website is available in Belarusian, Russian, and English.
Photo courtesy of the Belarusian Embassy in Russia Belarusian Embassy in Moscow marks 135th birthday of poet Yanka Kupala
Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Igor Petrishenko said that Yanka Kupala's masterpieces are a historic achievement that propelled the Belarusian literature to global recognition.


Semyon Shapiro Major problems of Belarus' national ice hockey team named
Semyon Shapiro stressed that the national team is the main indicator of ice hockey development in the country. Unfortunately, the team has failed to achieve the desired results at the recent championship.