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Alexander Lukashenko and Gerardo Suarez Alvarez
Lukashenko wants to visit Cuba in near future
“I would like you to convey my best greetings to my friend Raul (President of the Council of State and Ministers of Cuba Raul Castro. – BelTA's note). I hope that I will have an opportunity to visit Cuba in the near future. I feel the need to pay tribute to Fidel. I must visit his tomb.”


Belarus' main social and economic indicators in January-September 2017 January-September 2017 as against January-September 2016: GDP – 101.7%, industrial output* — 106.1%
Refinancing rate in Belarus Belarus' central bank will reduce the refinancing rate from 11.5% to 11% per annum on 18 October.
Drone flight restrictions The Belarusian Defense Ministry has extended the list of locations where unmanned aerial vehicles must not be flown. UAVs are classified as aircraft without a human pilot on board, which fly in visual range of the operator, and autonomous free-flying devices.
Belarus' export targets to EU in 2018-2020 Belarus' Council of Ministers has determined how much commodities and services government agencies and organizations are to export to the European Union in 2018-2020.


During the meeting Belarus hopes to develop relations with Latin American, Caribbean states with Cuba's help
“I would like Cuba to continue supporting us in the establishment of closer relations with friendly countries of the Caribbean Basin region and Latin America. We would like to have good relations with them. Of course, these ties should rely on the trade and economy,” the head of state said.


Call for business to facilitate cooperation between EU and Eurasia countries
We need to move away from confrontation to interaction. Business can do a lot to smooth out the differences and find common ground, Antonio Fallico said.
Belarus urged to take more active part in Cuba's social and economic development plans
“We would like to see Belarus to take a more active part in Cuba's social and economic development plans in the coming years,” the diplomat said.
Tallinn Belarus to attend Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum in Tallinn
On the invitation of the forum the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will lay out Belarus' vision on the prospects of cooperation with the European Union and improvement of the efficiency of the Eastern Partnership.


Gerardo Suarez Alvarez Belarus, Cuba in talks on new credit line
According to the diplomat, one of the forms of bilateral cooperation is the provision of loans to finance the acquisition of goods and services from Belarusian residents.


Belarus drafts utilities development concept through 2025
A decision has also been taken to set up an institute on utilities services at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
Oleg Novitsky Cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky attends Belarus' exhibition at WFYS 2017 in Sochi
Oleg Novitsky had a chat with young people and left a note in the book of good wishes for Belarusian athletes to take part in the 2019 European Games. The cosmonaut wished them a successful performance at the competitions.
SPECIAL REPORT: Maximum scope for the radiation accident response exercise in Belarus
The purpose of the exercise is to check the readiness of the rapid response system, which is crucial for working out plans for responding to emergencies outside the Belarusian nuclear power plant site among other things.


Belarus takes stock of its athletes' readiness for 2018 Winter Olympics
The members of the organizing committee discussed matters related to the athletes' preparations for the Games, organizational issues regarding the participation of the Belarusian delegation in the Games, the material and technical support of the national teams at the Winter Olympics.