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05 February 2024, 11:35

Nuclear renaissance: More and more countries turn to nuclear power

MINSK, 5 February (BelTA) – More and more countries are turning to nuclear power, Nikolai Mikhailov, Deputy Director of the Nuclear Energy Department, Head of the Office for Organizing the Operation of Nuclear Power Plants and Management of Radioactive Waste at the Belarusian Energy Ministry, said at a roundtable in BelTA’s press center on 3 February.

“The world's energy consumption is growing much faster than its production. The shortage of fossil energy resources is becoming more acute. The opportunities to build new hydroelectric power plants are also very limited. We should not forget about the efforts to reduce greenhouse effect, which implies restrictions on the burning of oil, gas and coal in thermal power plants. The solution is the active development of nuclear power. At the moment, the tendency called ‘nuclear renaissance’ is shaping up in the world. More and more countries are turning to nuclear power as a clean and reliable source of energy in order to solve the problems of energy security and climate change,” Nikolai Mikhailov said.

Today, nuclear power plants are operational in 32 countries around the world. Another 30 countries are preparing to build such facilities. As of January 2024, more than 400 power units were in operation worldwide, while 59 units were under construction.

During 2020-2025, 49 new nuclear power units will be built in the world, with a generating capacity of 53.5GW. Last year alone, five new reactors were put into operation. According to the latest International Atomic Energy Agency forecast, nuclear power generating capacity would more than double to 890GW by 2050.

“Such factors as reliability, acceptable cost levels compared to other energy sectors, relatively low-level waste and resource availability may influence the increasing share of nuclear power in the global energy mix,” the Energy Ministry spokesman said.
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