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01 March 2024, 10:43

Expert comments on forthcoming political campaigns in Belarus

MINSK, 1 March (BelTA) – In a new episode of the V Teme [On Point] project on BelTA’s YouTube channel political scientist Vadim Gigin spoke about the most important upcoming political events and the main tasks for the Year of Quality.

According to the expert, the election period is not over yet. “Now we need to form the Council of the Republic, and I’m curious what kind of people will be delegated by labor collectives, local councils, local authorities, and the president,” Vadim Gigin remarked. “Not all people who I wanted to see in the parliament got elected. Perhaps I will see them in the upper house. Indeed, they are capable, intelligent, smart people who will greatly benefit our country as members of the Council of the Republic. After that, we will proceed to the formation of the Belarusian People’s Congress,” Vadim Gigin said.

The expert clarified that the Belarusian People’s Congress will include all members of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly and the Minsk City Council of Deputies. “Members of local councils will be nominated in line with quotas; there are more than 12,600 of them, while the number of seats is several hundred,” he said. “Five public associations that have over 100,000 members will nominate approximately 80 delegates each. This is also something to reckon with. In April we will form the Belarusian People’s Congress, and soon afterwards a presidential campaign will begin. It will be the most impactful, important, and fundamental event,” the political analyst said.

Vadim Gigin emphasized that the year will be packed with important political events. “It’s not for nothing that the president told us that political campaigns should not overshadow the Year of Quality. This is not only about the economy, production, though this is very important. The Year of Quality should be a factor in the work of politicians, public figures, and our entire political system. We must show the quality of our work, first of all, to our people, because people are the source of power. Many here ask whether the OSCE recognized the elections. We hold elections for our people, and Aleksandr Lukashenko kept saying that,” Vadim Gigin said.
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