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21 November 2022, 18:13

Belarusian explorers in 15th Antarctic expedition begin scientific research

MINSK, 21 November (BelTA) – Belarusian polar explorers, who are in Antarctica as part of the 15th Belarusian Antarctic expedition, have started scientific research, the expedition's chief Aleksei Gaidashov told the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

According to Aleksei Gaidashov, life support systems, means of transportation and communication are operating in normal mode. The Belarusian Antarctic station Gora Vechernyaya has the necessary supplies of fuel, food, and medications. The expedition is going to procure water by melting snow in a dedicated room until a seasonal water intake is arranged at Lake Nizhneye. The team worked smoothly and demonstrated excellent discipline and morale during the flight and as they worked to prepare the station for operation. Apart from that, the expedition hoisted a flag of Belarus and a flag of the Academy of Sciences at 17:00 UTC on 20 November 2022 in honor of the start of the 15th Antarctic season.

As many as 12 people led by the experienced polar explorer Aleksei Gaidashov have gone to Antarctica this year. The team includes scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (the national center for polar studies, the Physics Institute, the Nature Management Institute, the academy's Applied Science Center for Bioresources), the Belarusian State University, the National Center for Hydrometeorology, Radioactive Contamination Control, and Environmental Monitoring, and other Belarusian organizations.

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