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18 January 2024, 16:28

Belarusian enterprises to heavily contribute to new remote Earth sensing satellite

Vladimir Gusakov
Vladimir Gusakov
MINSK, 18 January (BelTA) – Capabilities of Belarusian enterprises will be used as much as possible in the course of creating a new Belarusian-Russian satellite for the remote sensing of Earth, Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Vladimir Gusakov told BelTA after Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with top officials of the Council of Ministers on 18 January.

The NASB head underlined that the project to launch Belarus’ first remote Earth sensing satellite had been successful and in demand. The satellite is still in orbit. The data the satellite generates is used by 11 ministries and government agencies in Belarus alone. There is demand for this data abroad as well.

However, technologies have advanced considerably since the first satellite was put into orbit. Belarus should keep up with world trends, Vladimir Gusakov is convinced. This is why work is in progress on a new satellite that will boast improved parameters, including much higher resolution – 0.35m in comparison with 2m the current one has.

During the government conference the head of state approved of the idea to create a new satellite for the remote sensing of Earth as a whole but raised the matter of economic benefits and the recoupment of the investment in no uncertain terms. “Instructions were given to once again calculate the costs, recoupment, and effectiveness in more detail,” Vladimir Gusakov noted.

In his words, creating the new satellite will take about five years (till 2028), during which the current satellite will keep operating in orbit. There are plans to use capabilities of Belarusian enterprises for the new project as much as possible. For instance, the new satellite can use imaging equipment made by Peleng, proprietary software, microelectronics made by Integral.

BelTA reported earlier that during the government conference the president underlined the importance of economic effectiveness of the project meant to create the new satellite: “We cannot afford unnecessary costs. The creation of this satellite must produce maximum economic benefits.” Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out that the creation of the spacecraft is not particularly complicated. Figuratively speaking, it can be accomplished by taking a Russian platform and integrating Belarusian mission equipment with it. “It is not a problem. The problem is whether we need it or not, what the economic benefits will be, and who will pay for it,” the Belarusian leader explained.

“It is necessary to consider the project not only from the point of view of national security but also as a promising avenue of bilateral scientific cooperation, which will allow developing competences of the Belarusian side and the Russian one. And producing even more benefits for us and our partners in the future,” he added.

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