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26 January 2024, 14:40

Belarus' national security concept named second most important document after Constitution

MINSK, 26 January (BelTA) - The national security concept is the second most important document after the Constitution, and its updated version covers all security matters, Deputy Head of the Faculty of Education and Science - Head of the Education and Methodology Department of the Faculty of the General Staff of the Armed Forces at the Military Academy of Belarus Colonel Andrei Bogodel told BelTA as he was interviewed for the On Point project on BelTA’s YouTube channel.
"The national security concept is probably the next most important document after the Constitution. While the military doctrine covers only a small portion, one of the nine fundamental areas of national security, the national security concept covers national security in its entirety. It lays out nine segments of security, including biological security. It was important for us not to miss any of them," Andrei Bogodel said.
According to the expert, the protection of traditional values also had to be included in the national security concept. "There are so called Western values that are supposed to bring us democracy. But for our people it is absolutely unacceptable when a man cohabits with a man, and a woman cohabits with a woman, when such concepts as parent №1 and parent №2 appear. We used to laugh at it and would not believe it could happen. Today they are trying to convince us that it is correct, tolerant and natural," he pointed out.
Speaking about biological security, Andrei Bogodel recalled that at the World Economic Forum in Davos, an unknown Disease X was discussed, among other issues. "Probably, this is also part of Western values: to combat a disease that does not yet exist. Talking about our biological security, we don't forget genetic engineering, the impact on human genes mutation. No wonder that so many biolaboratories have been placed on the territory of Slavic states, including Ukraine. They want to completely remove the concept of ethnicity," the expert concluded.

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