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25 February 2024, 11:35

Lukashenko comments on his plans for another term

MINSK, 25 February (BelTA) – Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko was asked whether he is planning to run in the next election as he talked to the media after voting in the elections of deputies of the House of Representatives and local councils of deputies, BelTA has learned. 

"I will. Relay this to them [self-exiled opposition]! The more difficult the situation becomes, the more actively they will work to rock our society and you (not a single person, a responsible president will abandon his people who followed him into battle and this is very important for me, believe me,). The harder they try, the more likely I will bid for re-election. Don't worry, we will do everything necessary for Belarus," the head of state said.

When asked a clarifying question whether these words can be perceived as an unequivocal statement and whether a new electoral cycle has already begun, the head of state stressed: "I have already spoken a lot about an electoral cycle and their efforts to rock the boat before the presidential election, which is the culmination of the electoral cycle. This is what the electoral cycle it. Officially or unofficially…  As the question so the answer. If you need specifics, I will be absolutely straightforward and sincere: I cannot say anything new yet."

"There is still a year ahead before the presidential election. A lot can change. Naturally, I and all of us, the society, will react to the changes that will take place in our society and the situation we will have before the vote in a year," Aleksandr Lukashenko added. 

The president said that now he is thinking about something else: about holding the Year of Quality. "So that you remember it even if the current president decides not to run. The last thing is remembered best. Therefore, this year will be important and this is something that I communicate to the society and the executive authorities that have worked honestly and will continue to work until the election," the Belarusian leader said.
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