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26 March 2024, 17:16

Ideal conditions for agriculture after winter, Lukashenko says

An archive photo
An archive photo
OSHMYANY DISTRICT, 26 March (BelTA) – The situation in Belarusian agriculture after winter is positive, BelTA learned from Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko.

Although the working trip of the head of state was focused on military affairs, Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized the importance of taking care of routine things. In particular, agriculture. “It is better to live a calm life after all. Let’s live in peace and take care of agriculture. We got through winter just fine. No crops have died. Have you ever seen green fields in March? Only lazy ones can be criticized today. These are ideal conditions. It has never been like that as long as I remember,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko mentioned protests staged by farmers in a number of countries of the European Union: “They [governments of those countries] should be happy these farmers have not demolished their palaces with these tractors. They will be demolished if the authorities fail to respond to demands of the farmers. What do they have to do? They have to buy cheap diesel fuel and gasoline from Russia. From us. But they keep getting ready for a war, digging trenches…”

During the working trip the head of state drew attention to the quality of land amelioration and crop sowing. The president criticized the administration of the region for failing to remove stones from fields with winter crops in time. It is a peculiarity of a number of areas in Grodno Oblast. Before sowing crops it is necessary to remove large stones, which ploughing puts on the surface, in order to avoid damage to machines and vehicles during harvesting.

“I will examine the state of stone removal all the way. It is a disgrace. We picked up stones before sowing. But you sowed crops without picking up stones. Disgusting work. Why did you have to sow winter crops on top of stones? How are you going to harvest crops? I didn’t expect such a mess in Grodno Oblast,” the head of state criticized.
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