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16 November 2022, 16:18

Opinion: Zelensky is an actor in a play the script of which he does not fully know

MINSK, 16 November (BelTA) - Zelensky is an actor in a play, the script of which he does not fully know, Director General of the Belarusian news agency BelTA Irina Akulovich said on the air of the Alfa Radio station while commenting on why Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has been avoiding negotiations with Russia, BelTA has learned.

"I would single out several aspects here. First, I think that no one expects anything different from Zelensky. There are several reasons. First it is the situation on the front. On the one hand, Ukraine is having this Kherson euphoria moment. The situation calls for exactly such statements, because emotions are running high in Ukraine: ‘We are coming!' Such moments oblige. Also, there have been stories, I am not sure whether they are fake or not, but there are speculations that there is a confrontation, a kind of game going on between Zelensky and Zaluzhny [Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine]. Many people heed to what Zaluzhny says. He made a statement, albeit not direct, that even if Zelensky decides to negotiate, the army will not listen," Irina Akulovich said. “There is a very important thing here. They have such part of society as nationalists who will never listen to him. He is now a hostage to his own politics. At one time Zelensky shrugged and said: ‘Well, they are who they are.' In fact, they are nationalistic not only to others. They will be nationalistic to him. In case Zelensky says anything different, they will be the first to destroy him. They will not let him make any other decisions,” Irina Akulovich said.

Zelensky is in a play, the script of which he does not fully know, the BelTA director general said. “The director gives him some space to experiment a little, but he does not know how the play ends,” she stressed.

The financial side of the matter is important too, Irina Akulovich believes. “Yesterday the Ukrainian finance minister said that they hope that Ukraine would not need to return half of the funds they are to receive in 2023. What conclusion can we make? They hope that money will continue flowing. You see the point? If there is no war, there will be no money. We understand it very well. No one will be interested in shooting films and telling stories about restoration of Ukraine. The United States definitely won't. At the moment Ukraine is needed for war, not for peace. Zelensky understands it very well, too. If there is no war, there will be no money. No money, no interest. Meanwhile, the country is, unfortunately, falling apart: territorially, economically and so on,” she said.

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