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19 August 2022, 14:11

MFA: Great powers will have to start a dialogue on global security sooner or later

MINSK, 19 August (BelTA) - The great powers will sooner or later have to start a dialogue on global security and the new world order, Vadim Pisarevich, head of the Sustainable Development Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, said at a press conference "The humanitarian image of the state in the international arena and providing assistance to foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus", BelTA has learned.

"We are deeply convinced that the Helsinki-2 initiative remains very much relevant: sooner or later the great powers will have to start a dialogue on global security and a new world order. Progress on this front will invariably mean progress in resolving many wars and conflicts. Thus, the implementation of the initiative of the Belarusian head of state will help, in strategic terms, solve the problem of large-scale forced displacement of people in the world and thereby cardinally reduce the ever-growing burden on humanitarian activities," Vadim Pisarevich said.

Vadim Pisarevich stressed that, in providing humanitarian assistance, the international community was essentially dealing with the consequences of a particular problem, but less with the problem itself or its root causes."We are all well aware of what is behind the inexorable, negatively growing dynamics of forced mass displacement of people on the planet. These are wars and conflicts (more than all other factors). It is clear that without finding a solution to these root causes, the international community will never be able to solve the problem of refugees. Therefore, the need for humanitarian assistance will only increase," he said.

According to Vadim Pisarevich, humanitarian activities are certainly important. What is even more important is to find ways to address the causes of global challenges and threats. In this case, the international community will be less involved in the mitigation of their negative consequences through humanitarian aid.

An important initiative, known as Helsinki-2, has been launched by Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko. Speaking at the 26th session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Minsk in July 2017, the head of state announced an initiative for a global security dialogue in which the countries, and above all the great powers, must agree to build constructive international relations. The Belarusian president suggested Minsk as a venue for such a dialogue. “Unfortunately, the collective West refused to accept this reasonable proposal. As a result, the security architecture in Europe has failed,” said Vadim Pisarevich.

Belarus, like many other countries, celebrates World Humanitarian Day on 19 August. It is celebrated in accordance with the UN General Assembly resolution of 11 December 2008 to pay tribute to the humanitarian workers of the UN system and to those who have lost their lives while helping others.

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