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18 September 2020, 18:47

Makei: European partners don't even try to investigate the situation in Belarus

Vladimir Makei. An archive photo
Vladimir Makei. An archive photo

MINSK, 18 September (BelTA) – European partners do not even try to investigate the real situation in the country. Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei made the statement as part of a recording of his speech ahead of the general debate of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, BelTA has learned.

Vladimir Makei said: “We hear only criticism of the Belarusian government from European partners. They don't even try to investigate the real state of affairs or to objectively evaluate the situation. However hard we try to encourage them to do it during phone calls and during direct contacts with colleagues, we've been unable to accomplish it. Unfortunately, the criticism we see from them is based only on so-called independent sources. We absolutely understand what kind of sources they are. Moreover, we see how these sources ‘crumble', shall we say, as a result of the investigation of the incidents, which unfortunately have happened in Belarus.”

In his words, European countries put faith in fake news, which are distributed in Belarus, and do not attempt to hear out the Belarusian government. Belarus' neighbors – Lithuania and Poland – have assumed the role of some verifier of the legitimacy of the current Belarusian government, Vladimir Makei pointed out. “They claim they know better who the real president is and they claim they will interact only with the real president they have elected and the Belarusian nation hasn't. It is the way the situation is developing. You see what is promised to the Belarusian society in the course of these manipulations. Poland is already creating some $1 billion fund to support Belarus. It is initiating the creation of a $4 billion fund in case the opponents of the current government in Belarus rise to power,” Vladimir Makei said.

The official remarked that similar events happened in Belarus in 2010 when two certain ministers offered $3 billion to the Belarusian president in exchange for choosing the way of “genuine democracy”. “I am convinced that nobody will ever see the $4 billion. But tempting promises are made,” the diplomat stated.

UN Human Rights Council's resolution on Belarus described as bullying by European UnionUN Human Rights Council
On 18 September the UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on the situation of human rights in Belarus in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election and its aftermath.
Makei: Actions of countries of the European Union undermine Belarus' sovereignty and independenceMakei: Actions of countries of the European Union undermine Belarus
Vladimir Makei said: “We are surprised by simply destructive political statements, primarily those of our neighbors and other European Union countries, about Belarus. It is a paradox: they say they are ready and will support Belarus' sovereignty and independence, yet their actions undermine the sovereignty and independence.”
Radical measures mentioned among Belarus' possible responses to EU sanctionsRadical measures mentioned among Belarus
“Certainly, there will be personal sanctions against representatives of various European Union bodies and representatives of individual European Union member states. We've already drafted the list. We will be ready to put it to use immediately after European Union makes its own decision,” he stated.
UN Human Rights Council's resolution on Belarus described as ‘a very dangerous precedent'UN Human Rights Council
“The resolution was initiated by member states of the European Union. They represent a majority on the council. The resolution is absolutely unsubstantiated. I have to say that a very dangerous precedent for the United Nations Organization is created,” Vladimir Makei stressed.
Makei: The Belarusian government will not participate in the OSCE's Moscow MechanismMakei: The Belarusian government will not participate in the OSCE
Vladimir Makei said: “The mechanism provides for setting up some expert group and for sending it to Belarus for the sake of studying the situation in the area of human rights. The Belarusian government has no intention of participating in the implementation of this mechanism.”

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