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Soviet WW2 bomber's wreck found in Mogilev Oblast

Soviet WW2 bomber's wreck found in Mogilev Oblast

12.06.2019 | 10:42

A full-scale expedition to unearth an IL-4 bomber began in a swamp near the village of Rogi, Klichev District, Mogilev Oblast. The bomber did not return from a combat mission in October 1943. Members of the Mogilev historic and patriotic scout club Vikkru and students of the Klichev State Agrarian Technology College are taking part in the work. Hundreds of fragments of the bomber were unearthed in the first half of the day, including part of the cylinder head bearing a serial number. It will allow confirming names of the crew and their combat mission.

In the photo: Nikolai Borisenko, head of the Vikkru club.