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24 October 2022, 09:43

Greater successes for CPC expected

BEIJING, 24 October (BelTA - China Daily). - The Communist Party of China will accomplish even greater successes, lead the Chinese people to build a modern socialist country in all respects and join the rest of the world to create a better future for all of humanity, global experts said.

They made the comments after the report that Xi Jinping delivered to the 20th CPC National Congress' opening session on behalf of the 19th CPC Central Committee on Sunday vowed to comprehensively advance national rejuvenation through a Chinese path to modernization.

Jon Taylor, chair of the political science and geography department at the University of Texas at San Antonio, noted that the report emphasized that Chinese modernization is now a central task of the Party and will drive policy initiatives during the next five years and beyond. He pointed out that this modernization is infused with self-reliance, and an emphasis on science and technology that comprises more basic research, original innovation and breakthroughs in strategic technologies.

Taylor said another important near-term goal is "making the cake bigger first" and then dividing it more equally-"a daunting task, but one that is in keeping with China's goals of economic stability and long-term prosperity. Modernization is not just economic, but political and military. Xi's speech clearly signaled that he intends to steer China's foreign policy in a direction that is strategic and aimed at strengthening regional security."

David Marsh, chairman of the UK-based independent think tank the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, welcomed the plans unveiled in the report to accelerate the modernization of the nation's industrial system.

He said China has made enormous strides in economic modernization over the past decades, and this achievement has won respect from all over the world.

"I would be more confident the plans would fulfill their aims if they were accompanied by measures to work with foreign partners, including smaller companies, for example, in the high-tech startup area … to ensure that China remains at the forefront of technology," Marsh said.

He said he would like to know more details of the plans behind policies to advance industrialization and boost China's strength in areas like product quality and digital development.

"This could raise opportunities for Sino-British and Sino-European cooperation in advanced fields," he said.

Yulia Lapteva, from the Russian International Affairs Council, said the report demonstrated that the CPC has successfully implemented its plan for improving the governance model and showed the Party's strong leadership in China.

"Without a doubt, the 20th CPC National Congress will become a new chapter for China to construct a socialist country with Chinese characteristics, and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will definitely be realized," Lapteva said.

Philippine-BRICS Strategic Studies founder Herman Tiu Laurel said China's successes show the world that countries struggling to advance can achieve similar progress with an appropriate model of development and leadership adapted to domestic conditions. In China's case, that is what is meant by "with Chinese characteristics".

He said China's development model has opened the eyes of the world to great possibilities.

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