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14 July 2022, 12:45

Completing first phase of restoring the archaeological Arch of Triumph, Palmyra

PALMYRA, 14 July (BelTA - SANA Agensy). - The joint committees of the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums and the Russian Academy of Sciences have completed their field work within the first phase of the restoration of the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra.

That came in accordance with the agreement signed in this regard to restore the brilliance to the historic site of Palmyra, which is registered on the World Heritage List, after its monuments had been damaged by the terrorist war on Syria.

According to a statement by the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums, this stage of the agreement for the restoration of the arch was implemented under the supervision of experts from the Directorate.

The statement added that the rubble was studied through the latest devices, part of which was brought by the Russian side, as the rubble was documented using three-dimensional technology, sorted, numbered, and classified systematically, in addition to studying the destroyed arch stones and the possibility of reusing them in the second phase which is the rebuilding phase.

Systematic excavations were also conducted in the vicinity of the arch-bearing bases to ensure that there were no structural problems that might affect the rebuilding process, which will be carried out in compliance with international standards for the restoration of archaeological monuments.

It is noteworthy that the costs of the first phase of the various works and mechanisms used were provided by the Syria Trust for Development, which is the third national partner in this project, according to the directorate's statement, where the Trust provided more than 160 million Syrian pounds to implement the first phase.

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