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19 February 2021, 16:36

Golovchenko: Timely state support allows making Belarusian enterprises stronger

Roman Golovchenko
Roman Golovchenko

BOBRUISK, 19 February (BelTA) – Timely state support allows developing and reinforcing enterprises that are important for the country. Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko made the statement as he visited the managing company of the holding company Bobruiskagromash, BelTA has learned.

According to Roman Golovchenko, Bobruiskagromash's overall performance is quite good. Thanks to state support the company managed to recover from a difficult situation it was in 5-6 years ago. Earnings have virtually tripled in comparison with 2018: they went from Br3.5 billion to Br10 billion. “Performance indicators of the company as a whole have increased. During today's conference everyone concluded that the timely state support helped achieve such results. It helped not only improve economic parameters but expand the choice of manufactured products. It enabled the company to proceed with retooling little by little,” the prime minister said. “In order to find reserves for future development, it is necessary to think about creating a state corporation. The matter was discussed during the Belarusian People's Congress among other venues. It is part of the government's program. It is reflected in the social and economic development program.”

Roman Golovchenko noted that the establishment of the state corporation will allow resolving a number of problems. “Cost reduction is the first one. Costs can be reduced by reworking the technological policy, getting rid of duplicate manufacturing facilities at allied enterprises, and optimizing all processes. The part that can be spent on investing will become larger in the structure of earnings. Secondly, we expect the state corporation to become a more reliable borrower that will have access not only to the Belarusian capital market but will have an easier access to international markets. The possibility is being analyzed. Organizational, legal, managerial, and economic aspects are being looked into. It has to be done in order to work out a proper draft of the relevant legal document,” Roman Golovchenko said.

The holding company's Director General Nadezhda Lazarevich noted, at present Bobruiskagromash is a major holding company that includes six enterprises. “In the next five years we intend to upgrade the factory and spend about Br20 million on it. We also intend to increase export by 43% and secure the growth of salaries as high as 133%. We intend to increase the output after modernization by another 133%,” Nadezhda Lazarevich said. “In 2021-2025 the company intends to implement an investment project to increase production of machines based on complexes designed to grow, harvest, store, and dispense forage. We intend to improve all the manufacturing factors – physical infrastructure, technologies, and manpower. It will allow remodeling the entire chain of mutually connected manufacturing components to increase the output of agricultural machines and ensure more effective forage harvesting.”

At present agricultural machines made by Bobruiskagromash operate in more than 50 countries across the globe. In 2019 the first shipments to Sweden, Angola, and Madagascar were made and the company also resumed deliveries to Serbia and China after a break. In 2020 Bobruiskagromash continued expanding the geography of sales: it was the first time Belarusian machines had been shipped to Zimbabwe and Syria, the company resumed deliveries to Iran, Vietnam, and Hungary. “In 2021 we intend to do the first deliveries to Turkey, Norway, Namibia, and Mexico and to return to the markets of Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Mongolia, and Sudan. We are in negotiations with the Republic of Sudan on organizing the assembly of agricultural machines for low-power tractors. The main export markets are the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. We also sell machines and vehicles on the home market,” the Bobruiskagromash director general said.

According to the executive, it is necessary to keep up with the times in order to sell agricultural machines well. “We make balers for bast crops. It is an export product. Such crops are not grown in Belarus. We are also moving to large-capacity vehicles and machines: trailers with the capacity of 10-24m3, machines for dispensing liquid and solid organic fertilizers, press balers for more powerful tractors. Since areas under crops in Belarus and Russia are getting larger, more powerful tractors and respectively larger capacity trailed equipment are necessary,” Nadezhda Lazarevich noted. “We don't rule out the domestic market. We will trial a new lineup on the home market. We explore export opportunities and study what consumers need. We try to follow all the modern trends in agriculture.”

The Bobruisk-based manufacturer of agricultural machines is one of the city-forming enterprises in Mogilev Oblast. The director general attributed the accomplishment to the company's team. “Bobruiskagromash did a lot in the last few years. The state provided serious support. Output and export have increased. Salaries are on the rise,” Nadezhda Lazarevich said. “The company's success hinges on teamwork. I am grateful to my employees. Taking into account correct planning, modern distribution of duties and thanks to the faith in our enterprise we've achieved high results together.”

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