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BelTA's Best Photos of 2017. Part 2

Society 03.01.2018 | 19:05

Part 2

Arina Sobolenko during a press conference before the Fed Cup final against Team USA. Photo by Oksana Manchuk

UCI International Track Cycling Competitions GRAND PRIX MINSK 2017. Photo by Andrei Pokumeiko

World Open Powerlifting Championships. Photo by Andrei Pokumeiko

Festival of street culture and sports “Minsk Youth”. Photo by Ramil Nasibulin

Demonstration performances in military unit 3214 of the Minsk garrison. Photo by Ramil Nasibulin

BelTA's journalist Yekaterina Knyazeva took part in the press tour for bloggers and journalists dedicated to the Day of Airborne Troops and Special Operations Forces in Vitebsk. Photo by Ramil Nasibulin

Day of Airborne Troops is celebrated in the 38th Independent Guards Red Banner Vienna Air Assault Brigade. Photo by Yekaterina Garayeva

Day of Airborne Troops is marked in the 38th Independent Guards Red Banner Vienna Air Assault Brigade. Photo by Yekaterina Garayeva

BelTA's photo exhibition in the Galleria Minsk shopping mall. Photo by Gennady Zhinkov

Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslavl Pavel, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, Commissioner for Religions and Nationalities Leonid Gulyako during an open interfaith dialogue. Photo by Vitaly Areshko

Vitebsk's first new synagogue in over a hundred years. Photo by Alexander Khitrov

Kupala celebrations in Rakov. Photo by Oksana Manchuk

Making Easter cakes in St. Euphrosyne Convent in Polotsk. Photo by Alexander Khitrov

Father Evsevy, the recipient of the award “For Spiritual Revival”. Photo by Leonid Shcheglov

Bethlehem light arrives in Belarus. Photo by Leonid Shcheglov

Head of the Belarus President Administration Natalya Kochanova visited Minsk children's home No. 7 and gave New Year gifts to the children as part of the nationwide charity campaign Our Children. Photo by Maksim Guchek

Children on a walk. Photo by Maksim Guchek

Milk festival in Brest. Photo by Yekaterina Garayeva

A rabbit bred by the Snigir family in the village of Yasen, Osipovichi District. Photo by Oleg Foinitsky

Reenactment of Napoleon's crossing of the Berezina River. Photo by Oksana Manchuk

Christmas caroling in Vitebsk. Photo by Alexander Khitrov

26th OSCE PA summer session in Minsk. Photo by Andrei Pokumeiko

Belarus-Russia Union State PA convenes in Minsk. Pictured is Russian MP Nikolai Valuyev. Photo by Maksim Guchek

Wind Rose Hair 2017 beauty festival. Photo by Maksim Guchek

Belarusian surgeons perform a unique pediatric cardiac surgery. Photo by Oksana Manchuk

Sergei Buza from Pruzhany breeds pigeons. Photo by Yekaterina Garayeva

Nesvizh Palace and Park. Photo by Egor Pavlyushchik

A stork in the field of the Krutogorye-Petkovichi agricultural company. Photo by Oksana Manchuk

BelTA's journalist Alevtina Chernovolova takes a selfie in a sunflower field. Photo by Yekaterina Garayeva

Bantam cock keeps cool in the heat. Photo by Oleg Foinitsky

On the water surface. Photo by Leonid Shcheglov

Winter in Antonovsky Park near the Slepyanskaya water system. Photo by Ramil Nasibulin

Winter freeze in Brest. Pictured is Alexandra Verenich. Photo by Yekaterina Garayeva

Happy New Year! Pugs dressed up for the holiday. Photo by Yekaterina Garayeva

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