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An archive photo Belarus plans to extend visa-free program to 10 days in 2018
Alexander Ganevich voiced the plans to extend the visa-free stay to 10 days for those arriving in Belarus via the Minsk National Airport, to 30 days for the duration of the 2019 European Games, and then to expand the program to cover all border checkpoints.
Science conference on Francysk Skaryna's life and work underway in Minsk
30 November, 18:06
Several important projects were carried out in Belarus in 2017, one of them being a facsimile edition of Skaryna's works, Irina Dryga remarked when reading out a welcome speech of the Belarusian culture minister.
The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. An archive photo
Belarusian scientists to develop atomic-force microscope with glassless 3D imaging
30 November, 17:57
The new technology has many applications, including in healthcare, automobile engineering, and other areas. Glassless 3D imaging will allow providing more information to medics. Surgeries will be planned in detail. Better oversight and adjustments to the surgery process will be available.
Belarus developing mechanisms to encourage environmental practices
30 November, 17:29
To promote the green economy ideas and to implement them in various areas there is a need to think over financing mechanisms, Belarus' First Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Iya Malkina said.
CSTO to improve measures to prevent illegal migration
30 November, 17:24
The document was drafted as part of the effort to implement the priority tasks brought forward by Belarus for the period of its CSTO presidency.
Photo: Antara
Thousands evacuated following floods in Indonesia
30 November, 15:49
"According to the preliminary data, the count of evacuees reaches 2,911 people. The figure can increase, as the disaster is still occurring," Executive Head of the Gunung Kidul Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency Ruti Sulastri noted here on Thursday.
EU to implement new technical assistance program in Belarus to improve air quality
30 November, 15:42
We are preparing for the new program with a budget of €14 million aimed at improving air quality in Belarus. This program involves the provision of technical assistance, equipment, awareness-raising activities, Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus Andrea Wiktorin said.
New 3D bio-printer makes mass production of tissues possible
30 November, 15:03
3D printing is not yet ubiquitous. Many bio-printers on the market remain too slow for mass production, or the printed products are not up to standards.
Bali airport reopened after three-day closure due to volcano eruption
30 November, 11:23
Based on the coordination meeting, volcanic ash had moved to the southeast direction. As a result, volcanic ash has not covered the airspace near the airport.
Photo provided to China Daily
Chinese satellite detects mysterious signals in search for dark matter
30 November, 09:27
The satellite, also called Wukong, or Monkey King, has measured more than 3.5 billion cosmic ray particles with the highest energy up to 100 tera-electron-volts (TeV for short, corresponding to 1 trillion times the energy of visible light), including 20 million electrons and positrons, with unprecedentedly high energy resolution.
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