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180-day visa-free travel for China-Belarus industrial park's potential investors, residents
Due to peculiarities of the project, the project's international status, and its novelty for Belarus the park needs a large number of foreign specialists with experience of implementing similar projects in other countries, specialists, who speak foreign languages as well as native speakers.
Ivan Noskevich
FBI interested in Belarus' experience in cyber crime investigation
22 May, 15:01
"As the investigative practice shows, Belarusian carders are among the most experienced criminals in the world. Unfortunately, they are starting to enter the U.S. market where they steal money from U.S. citizens' cards,” Ivan Noskevich said.
Belarusian defense company AGAT – Control Systems signs contract with UAE customer
22 May, 14:52
As part of the contract the Belarusian company will sell software to the UAE customer. No other details were revealed. Representatives of the company referred to commercial classified information as the reason.
The rifle part of a portable radio warfare station Groza-R. Photo courtesy of KB Radar
Belarusian KB Radar contracts to sell radio warfare station during MILEX 2017
22 May, 14:31
In addition to disrupting communications between a UAV and the operator, the Belarusian radio warfare station Groza-S can spoof the UAV's navigation systems. Only a handful of countries have the technology. The station can detect any unmanned aerial vehicles with onboard data transmission systems.
Photo: NASA via AP, archive
US astronauts prepare for spacewalk outside International Space Station
22 May, 14:16
"After a review of spacewalk preparations and crew readiness throughout the day Sunday, the decision was made to press ahead with the spacewalk on Tuesday. It will be conducted by Expedition 51 Commander Peggy Whitson and Flight Engineer Jack Fischer of NASA," the agency's statement said.
Public reveal for Belarusian rocket system Adunok
22 May, 14:04
The Belarusian company KB Display started developing the rocket system Adunok in late 2016. The product was revealed before the general public for the first time during MILEX 2017.
Photo courtesy of OAO 140 Repair Plant
Good prospects for exporting Belarusian APC Cayman
22 May, 13:51
The official said: “We are dealing with commercial and marketing matters. There will be demand. The Cayman APCs finished all the testing in April and are about to be commissioned by the army. Then we will talk about exporting them.”
Sergei Gurulev
Belarus working on medium-range air defense missile
22 May, 13:31
According to Sergei Gurulev, the project is now in an active R&D phase. “We will have a production prototype of our own by the end of the year. As far as the bottom part [the chassis] is concerned, we have decent options for that. Making the missile is the key. We are working on it,” said the official.
Rapota: Belarus and Russia should coordinate tourism policies
22 May, 13:21
According to Grigory Rapota, he plans to meet with the top managers of the Russian Federal Tourism Agency (Rostourism) in the nearest future to discuss this topic in particular.
Belarusian unmanned combat helicopter showcased at MILEX 2017
22 May, 13:15
The drone is a single-rotor helicopter with non-retractable landing gear. It uses an auxiliary wing with two combat load mounting points. The drone is powered by an internal combustion engine that burns high-octane gasoline.
Belarusian self-propelled anti-armor RC robot presented at MILEX 2017
22 May, 13:00
The Bogomol system is based on a self-propelled remotely controlled tracked chassis that can cross rough terrain. The complex consists of a moving robot and an automated operator workstation. The operator can control the robot wirelessly up to 300m away.
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