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An archive photo Belarus plans to extend visa-free program to 10 days in 2018
Alexander Ganevich voiced the plans to extend the visa-free stay to 10 days for those arriving in Belarus via the Minsk National Airport, to 30 days for the duration of the 2019 European Games, and then to expand the program to cover all border checkpoints.
Photo provided to China Daily
Fossil of a 'strange' sea creature discovered
1 December, 16:17
The 515-million-year-old specimen was unearthed last year by a fossil collector in the hills of the Maotianshan Shales, an archaeological hot spot in Yunnan province.
At least 9 killed, 35 injured following attack on student hostel in Pakistan
1 December, 14:34
Among the killed are mostly students of the hostel, said official sources.
At the book fair. An archive photo
Minsk to host international book fair 7-11 February 2018
1 December, 14:28
Serbia will be the guest of honor of the 25th installment, Kazakhstan will be the central exhibitor.
Belarus, Tajikistan sign agreements in agriculture, science, interregional cooperation
1 December, 13:55
The agreements were concluded between the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry of Tajikistan, and also between the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Tajikistan.
Photo: Reuters
Large oil field discovered in Xinjiang
1 December, 12:19
The oil field in the Mahu Area, with a proven reserve of 520 million tonnes, may store up to 1.24 billion tonnes, according to the PetroChina Xinjiang branch,
Andrei Kobyakov and Li Keqiang
2018 to be announced Year of Belarus' Tourism in China
1 December, 12:17
Andrei Kobyakov suggested announcing 2018 the Year of Belarus' Tourism in China. Today, Belarus develops a comprehensive tourism concept not just as an industry, but as one of the drivers of the national economy. The key catalyst for world tourism is China, and Belarus has something to offer Chinese tourists.
6.1-magnitude earthquake jolts Iraq's south-central province
1 December, 10:01
According to the seismological center of the Geophysics Institute of Tehran University, the tremor occurred at 6:02 hours local time (2:32 GMT) in an area located at 30.73 degrees latitude and 57.39 degrees longitude and in the depth of 10 kilometers.
Photo: Archive
Building fire kills 10 in Tianjin
1 December, 09:15
Another five suffered minor injuries and have been hospitalized.
UN expert advises regional authorities in Belarus on implementing SDGs
30 November, 19:36
Experts of the MAPS (Mainstreaming, Acceleration and Policy Support) mission met with representatives of the regional group on sustainable development at premises of the Brest Oblast Executive Committee on 30 November.
Judicial officers of Belarus, France sign cooperation agreement
30 November, 18:44
The Justice Ministry and the French National Chamber of Judicial Officers signed a memorandum following a meeting in Paris.
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