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St. Petersburg students to help build dormitory in Minsk
13 July, 17:41
The Revival construction brigade will include 15 students of the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics. They will team up with Belarusian specialists to build a dormitory in the Student Village in the Belarusian capital. This facility was declared the youth construction project. The Russian students will stay here till 25 August, Sergei Rukan informed.
Nikolai Korbut speaks
Union State prize winners to help form program of Belarus-Russia Union Day
13 July, 17:24
Nikolai Korbut stressed: “Together with colleagues, our creative intellectuals we will definitely work on diversifying the creative part of the program of the Union State Day during Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk."
Photo: Internet
2.1 million year-old ancient human activity found in China
13 July, 15:49
The first humans in China could have come from northwest China's Shaanxi province, after a research team led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently discovered a Palaeolithic site dating back to between 1.26 and 2.12 million years ago.
The EU and EaP informal meeting of Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs in Innsbruck, Austria. Photo courtesy of the Justice Ministry.
Belarus highlights importance of international anti-corruption cooperation
13 July, 15:42
The EU and EaP informal meeting of Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs focused on the ways to promote the rule of law and reduce the breeding ground for corruption.
Chinese scientists find large-scale gene loss in evolution of parasitic plants
13 July, 14:58
Researchers with the Chinese Academy of Sciences have found large-scale gene losses in parasitic plants such as dodders, or Cuscuta australis.
Vitebsk Oblast, Russia's Pskov Oblast eager to take cooperation to new heights
13 July, 14:38
Today it is necessary to discuss cooperation measures for the year 2019, including cooperation in healthcare, social security, employment, youth policy, and other spheres for the sake of raising living standards for residents of the two regions.
Kusturica: Indie cinema will always be relevant
13 July, 14:15
Today we see a very strong influence of Hollywood. I don't know what will happen in ten years, but I am convinced that indie cinema will always be there because its purpose is to strike a deep chord within us, to provoke strong emotions and feelings, make the viewer stop and think, the director said.
Applications invited for implementing environmental projects in Belarus using GEF money
13 July, 13:39
The projects will focus on the three areas GEF prioritizes: climate change ($5.6 million), land degradation ($1 million), and biodiversity ($2 million). As much as 10% of the total sum will be channeled into GEF Small Grants Program projects in Belarus.
Belarus' MFA in Twiplomacy's top 50 in 2018
13 July, 12:27
The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the first Belarusian government agency whose twitter account has made it to the Top 50 Best Connected World Leaders 2018 according to Twiplomacy.
Slavianski Bazaar kicks off in Vitebsk
13 July, 10:18
The Native Land theme and the 30th anniversary of the Summer Amphitheater translated into a concert program titled “Home Where You Are Always Welcome”.
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