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180-day visa-free travel for China-Belarus industrial park's potential investors, residents
Due to peculiarities of the project, the project's international status, and its novelty for Belarus the park needs a large number of foreign specialists with experience of implementing similar projects in other countries, specialists, who speak foreign languages as well as native speakers.
Belarus to work out spent nuclear fuel handling strategy by year end
Yesterday 19:55
The official said: “Together with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus we are developing a strategy for handling spent nuclear fuel. The document is supposed to be approved by the government by the end of the year. Trust me, we are not going to deviate from international practice.”
On a tour of the education and training center
European Commission experts to independently evaluate Belarusian nuclear power plant stress tests
Yesterday 19:33
The official said: “We have done the stress tests. The report will be forwarded to the European Commission. The official letter requesting such an independent evaluation has already been sent to the European Commission.”
Kezban Nilvana Darama on a tour of the construction site of the Belarusian nuclear power plant
Belarusian specialists may help build nuclear power plant in Turkey
Yesterday 19:10
The construction of a nuclear power plant in Turkey is supposed to begin next year. Asked whether Belarusian specialists will be able to take part in the construction of the nuclear power plant, the ambassador said: “I am not ready to answer this question, but if there is an interest in it, it can happen.”
Belarus expects to get IAEA SEED mission's report soon
Yesterday 18:23
We have recently asked them when we would get the SEED mission's final report. They said the report was almost ready and was going through the final review. We hope to get it in the near future, Mikhail Mikhadyuk noted.
Belarus, Russia set to cooperate in personalized medicine
Yesterday 17:58
The joint meeting of the NASB Presidium and the RAS Presidium in Minsk was attended by a large delegation of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The participants discussed the cooperation between the Belarusian and Russian academies, and the participation of their institutes in the programs of the Belarus-Russia Union State.
CIS states sign agreement on peaceful uses of nuclear energy
Yesterday 16:19
The agreement is aimed at developing a coordinated policy and defining priority areas for technical regulation activities in the area of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
Photo: Reuters
Heavy rains claim 26 lives in Sri Lanka
Yesterday 15:44
The fatalities included people buried under debris from a landslide at midnight in Baduraliya, a town 60 kilometers (38 miles) southeast of the capital Colombo.
Preparations for Belarus-Russia forum of regions discussed in Moscow
Yesterday 15:37
On behalf of Belarus the meeting was attended by Vice Speaker of the Council of the Republic, the co-chairperson of the organizing committee Marianna Shchetkina, Chairman of the Council of the Republic's Permanent Commission on Regional Policy and Local Government Alexander Popkov, Chairman of the State Science and Technology committee Alexander Shumilin, representatives of Belarusian organizations.
Plans for Belarusian-Russian drone lab unveiled
Yesterday 13:25
"A group of Russian scientists visited the enterprise R&D Center for Multifunctional Unmanned Complexes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus yesterday. They were very interested in our products. They remarked that the products are effective, competitive, and live up to international requirements."
Mikhail Mikhadyuk
Mikhadyuk: Belarus ready to answer all questions about BelNPP construction
Yesterday 12:56
According to Mikhail Mikhadyuk, over the past two years the BelNPP information center has been visited by more than 70 foreign delegations and also representatives of international organizations.
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