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Lukashenko praises progress in modernization of OAO Kamvol
“I have come to congratulate you on the completion of the great modernization project. We launched it long ago, faced many difficulties. Different things happened. I think that we have done everything to reach our main goal, which is to produce good fabrics,” the head of state said as he met with the personnel of the enterprise.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko wants 2018 draft budget to be finalized by 20 December
21 November, 15:29
“Finalize the draft budget taking in to account the discussion and submit the endorsed document to the Belarus President Administration. I will sign and send it to the parliament. If we discuss and adopt it here, the MPs will not be against,” Alexander Lukashenko remarked.
Lukashenko wants job opportunities for every Belarusian
21 November, 14:07
Belarusians need not just jobs, they need to earn well. He reminded about his instruction to raise the country's average salary up to Br1,000 by the end of the year. “I don't want to hear anything else from you. Failing to reach this goal will cost dearly for the government,” warned Alexander Lukashenko.
Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus president about economic growth: No reasons for self-complacency
21 November, 12:27
The head of state emphasized that 2018 will be a special year. The country will need to make up for the leeway of 2016 and set out on the path of the five-year social and economic development program.
Lukashenko wants realistic but ambitious forecast for Belarusian economy in 2018
21 November, 11:54
I expect an active discussion on topical issues and proposals on the key areas of the life of the country. The forecast should be realistic but very ambitious, Alexander Lukashenko said addressing the participants of the event.
Lukashenko sends birthday greetings to Patriarch Kirill
20 November, 15:42
“Thanks to your selfless service in the name of the triumph of Christian values you are loved and appreciated by millions of people all over the world,” the head of state noted. “Your personal contribution to the restoration of great Orthodox traditions, native language and culture, strengthening of the Slavonic unity is invaluable.”
Sergei Doroshko and Alexander Lukashenko
New Minsk City Police Department chief told to keep up law and order
20 November, 15:06
The head of state emphasized that pubic order has always been a priority in Minsk, and people feel safe here.
During the meeting
Lukashenko: Belarusian-Georgian trade turnover can reach $200m
20 November, 11:45
“It is feasible to reach the target of $200 million in the Belarusian-Georgian trade, this figure is tangible,” the head of state said. “We will have about a half of this amount this year.”
Alexander Lukashneko and Irakli Kobakhidze
Belarus president plans to visit Georgia in H1 2018
20 November, 11:04
“We have reached an agreement on it, and now we have joined efforts with you to arrange the forthcoming visit in a way to leave a mark in the economy and trade between our states,” Alexander Lukashenko noted.
Belarus, Moldova mark 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations
20 November, 10:36
The head of state emphasized that over the years of independence the two countries could preserve and enrich the traditions of the Belarusian-Moldovan friendship, build the system of mutually beneficial cooperation in the political, economic, humanitarian and other dimensions.
Lukashenko: Belarus-Latvia relations rely on principles of partnership and respect
20 November, 10:27
The head of state mentioned the constructive nature of the neighborly Belarusian-Latvian relations relying on the principles of partnership and mutual respect.
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