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Regulations on marking goods with identification signs streamlined in Belarus
7 June, 13:02
The document aims to improve the mechanism of marking goods with control (identification) signs in accordance with the practice of application, the fulfillment of obligations under the agreement on the implementation of a pilot project to introduce the marking of apparel, accessories, and other fur clothes with control (identification) signs.
Alexander Lukashenko and Pavel Filip
Moldova can count on Belarus as reliable and open partner
6 June, 13:30
The head of state emphasized that Belarus is happy to welcome guests from Moldova. Alexander Lukashenko has visited this country several times. “This is a warm place, not only because the climate is warm but also because there are good people in Moldova similar to hardworking Belarusians,” he said.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko: Enough markets for successful co-existence of competing Belarusian, Russian plants
6 June, 12:27
“The markets (both local and foreign ones in the future) of foodstuffs, clothing and even equipment are big enough and our manufacturers will be able to co-exist. The demand will be growing in the future. Therefore, you can count on use,” the head of state noted.
Lukashenko sends National Day greetings to Sweden
6 June, 09:40
“The Republic of Belarus has always been committed to the development of mutually beneficial and respectful cooperation with the Kingdom of Sweden in all areas,” the message of greetings reads.
Lukashenko expresses condolences over terrorist attack in London
5 June, 11:09
The head of state remarked that Belarus has learned the news about the terrorist attack with deep pain and sorrow. “The United Kingdom has been hit by a number of extremist attacks in recent time. I am convinced that such actions killing civilian people are inexcusable,” Alexander Lukashenko stressed.
An archive photo
Festival of Belarusian songs and poetry described as bright event in Belarus' cultural life
2 June, 10:23
“Over the years of existence the festival has become a bright event in the cultural life of the republic. It traditionally helps enrich the spiritual legacy of our ancestors, popularize the Belarusian poetry, preserve the best achievements of the Belarusian music,” the message of greetings reads.
Belarus-Italy cooperation increasingly vibrant
2 June, 09:58
“The cooperation between our countries which relies on the principles of mutual understanding and trust, has a huge potential for development in all avenues,” the message of greetings reads.
During the session
Lukashenko stresses urgency of reversing recession in domestic oil processing
1 June, 12:46
“There is no need to stress once again the the urgency of the issue. I have once said that that the degree of its importance is comparable with that of the independence of our state. We should do our utmost to ensure the energy independence and security of Belarus,” the head of state emphasized.
During the meeting
Lukashenko speaks about tasks assigned to newly appointed presidential aide
1 June, 12:17
Belarus President's Aide Alexander Kosinets will coordinate the implementation of strategic projects.
OAO Savushkin Product receives State Flag of Honor of Belarus
1 June, 10:47
In recognition of special achievements in the economic development OAO Savushkin Product has received the State Flag of Honor of the Republic of Belarus. President Alexander Lukashenko signed a corresponding decree on 31 May.
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