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Alexander Lukashenko and Markku Markkula Belarus interested in interacting with EU on development of regions
“I am very glad to meet with you because you deal with very serious problems. We faced them long ago, in Soviet times. These problems involve our people living in rural areas, villages and small towns. We are reliable partners for those in Europe who want good and happy lives for people living, first of all, in rural areas,” the president said.
Lukashenko: Belarus has everything to defend itself
9 May, 14:17
We have everything to defend our land, the head of state said and recalled that Belarus is reforming its armed forces, the third time in just two decades.
Lukashenko comments on migrants in Belarus and Europe
9 May, 14:04
What is important is the reasons why people come and from where. Ukrainians came to Belarus. They came because we destroyed their homes? No. They came to save their families. They ran from the destruction in eastern Ukraine. They came to us for salvation and we, as human beings, should help them. These are their reasons, Alexander Lukashenko said.
Lukashenko: Belarus is a peaceful and friendly country, but it can defend itself
9 May, 13:29
Our country has never demonstrated aggression and never will. We have shown that Belarus is a peaceful and friendly state. This does not mean, however, that it will not be able to defend itself, Alexander Lukashenko said.
Lukashenko urges to cherish peace in Belarus
9 May, 13:25
We must preserve peace on our land in the name of the memory of those hundreds of thousands of the soldiers who were killed on the fronts, one third of the population that we lost. It will be the greatest gift to not only living veterans but, most importantly, to those who gave their lives for everything that we have today, the Belarusian leader said.
Lukashenko: Generation of victors create powerful economic, cultural potential
9 May, 12:53
In a short period of time the country rebuilt factories, built new ones, set up agricultural enterprises, built schools, universities, libraries, theaters and museums. The generation of the victors created a powerful economic and cultural potential. This became the basis for the further development of our country, Alexander Lukashenko said.
Lukashenko urges against attempts to rewrite Great Victory history
9 May, 12:40
We cannot forget about the crimes of the Nazis, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said during the flower ceremony at the Victory Memorial in Minsk as Belarus celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory on 9 May.
Lukashenko: We will always admire the courage of our compatriots
9 May, 12:30
The Belarusian people will always admire the courage of their countrymen who went through the hellfire of war, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said during a ceremony.
Lukashenko lays wreath at Victory Monument in Minsk
9 May, 12:20
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko laid a wreath at the Victory Monument in Minsk.
Alexander Lukashenko sends Victory Day greetings to foreign leaders
6 May, 10:01
The head of state remarked that 9 May is a symbol of courage, bravery, patriotism, and honor.
Alexander Lukashenko extends Victory Day greetings to Belarusians
6 May, 09:40
“In fierce battles of the Great Patriotic War 72 years ago the Soviet Army and its allies defeated Nazism, stopped its inhuman aggression. Belarusian families honor the military feat of their ancestors and keep their orders, medals, photos and letters from the front like priceless relics,” the congratulatory message runs.
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