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Oleg Matskevich appointed Vitebsk Oblast First Vice Governor
7 August, 15:01
The president stressed that harvesting is the main challenge for the northern region of the country this year.
Alexander Poznyak appointed as Chairman of Orsha District Executive Committee
7 August, 14:30
The president noted that Alexander Poznyak is well versed in these issues. Appointing a person from the outside means postponing, for at least six months, the modernization of the district. “We need to reconstruct it, to upgrade it. You are the person well-versed in these issues. This is the presidential instruction to you. You will not be left without my attention. I visit the district several times a year, and for me this is a matter of principle,” the head of state noted.
Lukashenko urges local authorities to exercise their powers in full
7 August, 13:50
“You come to the primary branch of the power vertical in a rather complicated period. I want you to exercise your powers in full, I do not want to remind you once again that you are heads of district executive committees and you are responsible for these territories,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko to visit inefficient farms in Belarusian regions
7 August, 13:05
“My trips (I want to unveil this secret) to Brest, Mogilev Oblast and then Vitebsk Oblast will focus on troubled farms. We will visit these farms,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Alexander Lukashenko and Morinari Watanabe
Belarus hopes to return to artistic gymnastics elite
7 August, 11:00
“I hope that you will help us return to the artistic gymnastics elite. You know that we have wonderful school. But unfortunately we have lost it. Unlike us, Japan has been on top and still remains on top,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Lukashenko sends Independence Day greetings to Burkina Faso
7 August, 09:52
“Belarus views Burkina Faso as a promising trade and economic partner and is ready to do its best to promote bilateral cooperation,” the message of greetings reads.
Lukashenko extends greetings to financial police
4 August, 17:41
“Today you are facing a difficult task which is to find a balance between securing strict compliance with the law and respecting the interests of the business community. I am sure you will not let us down and will firmly stand guard over the economic stability of the state,” the president said.
Gear units plant to be built near Minsk by 2021
4 August, 14:56
The document amends Decree No. 157 of 10 April 2017. In accordance with the previous decree, the plant should have been built in Minsk District in 2014-2017.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko urges to update Ordinance No. 3 by 1 October
3 August, 12:04
“As I was informed, an updated version of Ordinance No. 3 has been already prepared. I want a comprehensive report on this topic. This document should be ready by 1 October,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
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