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EAEU criticized for placing corporate interests first
14 May, 17:37
“Over the past three and a half years from the date of entry of the Eurasian Economic Union Treaty into force, much work has been done to promote the interstate interaction. However, the activities that have been carried out so far could have been more efficient,” Alexander Lukashenko stated.
Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin
Lukashenko invites Putin to visit Mogilev in autumn
14 May, 15:24
The Belarusian president expressed his readiness to discuss in detail the issues of bilateral relations. The head of state remarked that if the parties fail to take decisions on some issues today, they can revisit them during the upcoming events.
Alexander Lukashenko and Nikol Pashinyan
Lukashenko: There are no and will be no problems in the relations with Armenia
14 May, 15:09
“I have been waiting for this meeting. I am not sure that we will have enough time to discuss all issues existing in the world and around us in detail. I do not think there will be any problems in our relations,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Alexander Lukashenko and Igor Dodon
Belarus, Moldova hope to preserve trade growth dynamics in 2018
14 May, 14:34
“We are keeping an eye on the state of affairs in Moldova. You are doing the same in relation to Belarus. I am ready to exchange opinions on this issue,” the president added.
Lukashenko sends greetings to TIBO 2018 participants
14 May, 09:33
The head of state noted that over a quarter of century the forum has turned into an important ground for interstate cooperation and a place to showcase the latest achievements in the field of information technologies.
An archive photo
Lukashenko to visit Russia, Tajikistan
11 May, 09:31
Alexander Lukashenko will pay a working visit to the Russian Federation where a session of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council will be held in Sochi on 14 May.
Dmitry Medvedev and Alexander Lukashenko. An archive photo
Belarus president congratulates newly appointed Russian prime minister
10 May, 19:21
The congratulation message reads: “The Republic of Belarus highly appreciates the relations of brotherly friendship and strategic partnership with the Russian Federation. Belarus and Russia implement large-scale integration projects together."
The government conference in progress
Belarus president okays construction of new nitrogen plant, modernization of Grodno Azot
10 May, 14:39
Yet Alexander Lukashenko gave instructions to once again consider all the possible variants of implementing the project in detail. He said that prompt decisions were necessary yet prices should be a factor. “We are interested in the cost and the effectiveness of the project,” stressed the head of state.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko holds session to discuss development of OAO Grodno Azot
10 May, 11:11
“My requirements are well known: there should be no loss-making and subsidized projects in the country. It is inadmissible to spent budget money on various readjustments,” Alexander Lukashenko stressed.
Lukashenko: Belarus will not change its friendly policy towards Russia
9 May, 15:46
“Our policy towards Russia will not change. You know this policy, its moral principles. These are our brothers and we are not going to fight with them,” Alexander Lukashenko stressed.
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