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During the meeting Belarus hopes to develop relations with Latin American, Caribbean states with Cuba's help
“I would like Cuba to continue supporting us in the establishment of closer relations with friendly countries of the Caribbean Basin region and Latin America. We would like to have good relations with them. Of course, these ties should rely on the trade and economy,” the head of state said.
Belarusian manufacturers told to expand lineup of road construction machines
6 October, 14:26
Alexander Lukashenko said: “Start making them. We have a huge road network. We have to get it in order. If we have to import machines all the time, why do we need an automobile engineering industry of our own?”
Belarus president wants iron discipline in Minsk Oblast
6 October, 14:15
Alexander Lukashenko said: “We need iron discipline. If you see something out of order, tell them once. If they fail to mend their ways, call them to account regardless of whether it is a private enterprise or not.”
Belarus president wants better quality of municipal roads
6 October, 13:04
The need to restore municipal roads was mentioned during the government conference held by the head of state in April 2017. Back then it was noted that major motorways in Belarus are in a good condition and it is now necessary to take a closer look at roads in the regions.
Center of Nuclear and Radiation Safety set up in Belarus
6 October, 10:20
In accordance with the document, the Center of Nuclear and Radiation Safety has been set up under the aegis of the Emergencies Ministry.
Belarus president presents gifts to Venezuela president, his wife
5 October, 19:22
The Belarusian head of state presented a tapestry with an image of Mir Castle to his Venezuelan counterpart and a set of flax table linen embroidered with elements of the Slutsk belts pattern to the first lady of Venezuela — Cilia Flores.
Alexander Lukashenko and Emomali Rahmon. An archive photo
Lukashenko, Rahmon discuss bilateral cooperation development by telephone
5 October, 16:27
The heads of state pointed out the interest in the further enactment of Belarus-Tajikistan cooperation. Special attention was drawn to the trade and economy, including to interaction in the manufacturing sector and agriculture, organization of the delivery of equipment to Tajikistan.
Nicolas Maduro and Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus, Venezuela eager to build up cooperation within two years
5 October, 15:19
“Unfortunately, the Venezuela president and I stated that the export-import ties of Belarus and Venezuela are lagging behind the previous level due to many reasons which do not depend on Venezuela and Belarus,” the president stressed.
Nicolas Maduro and Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus appreciates Venezuela's firm position on international arena
5 October, 14:20
“We appreciate Venezuela's firm position in the United Nations and other international organizations,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Nicolas Maduro and Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus ready to take steps to boost cooperation with Venezuela
5 October, 14:08
Alexander Lukashenko is convinced that the current official visit of Nicolas Maduro to Belarus will promote partnership between the two countries in all the areas.
Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus against interference in internal affairs of Venezuela and other states
5 October, 14:06
The head of state said that Venezuela is now under very strong pressure from the outside. “I want to reiterate that we are totally against all kinds of aggression, chaos and disarray, we are against the interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela or any other state,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
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