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Alexander Lukashenko and Mamnoon Hussain. An archive photo
Lukashenko congratulates Pakistan on 70th anniversary of Independence Day
14 August, 15:15
The head of state remarked that sovereignty is the foundation of successful and productive economic, social, and cultural development of the state.
Savushkin Product to mull over possibility of taking over struggling farms
11 August, 17:45
In particular, it was noted that this decision could be beneficial for business and the state. As a result of such transformations it will be possible to use Belarusian-made raw materials in an efficient way, raise salaries at affiliated agricultural enterprises and increase tax revenues.
Lukashenko reported on progress in preparations for Brest's 1000th anniversary
11 August, 15:53
The constructing of objects that are erected in Brest for the celebrations of the city's 1000th anniversary is expected to finish before September 2019.
During the visit to OAO Savushkin Product
Handsome returns on investments in processing industry upgrade in Belarus
11 August, 14:57
According to the head of state, the enterprises that were in need of the state support in the past have become a locomotive of a number of branches and a trademark of Belarus today. “This is the case of OAO Savushkin Product, the flagship of Belarus' dairy industry,” the president said.
Alexander Lukashenko during the visit to the Western Bypass construction site
Lukashenko reported on progress in bypass construction project in Brest
11 August, 14:29
The head of state was informed that some residents will have to be relocated to make way for the construction of the Western Bypass. This aspect will be mitigated, however.
Savushkin Product awarded Honorary State Banner of Belarus
11 August, 13:32
“This is a sign of recognition of the merits of your entire team and also an indicator of people's love that Savushkin Product has earned. The company's products are on the table of almost every family today,” Alexander Lukashenko stated.
Lukashenko urges efforts to prevent unemployment
11 August, 12:33
“People should work. The so-called unemployed class should not emerge in Belarus. If we do not engage them in socially useful work, as we said some time ago, it means that we will create this class and it will grow. This is inadmissible,” Alexander Lukashenko.
Lukashenko urges low-paying enterprises to raise salaries to Br1,000 in 2018
11 August, 12:01
"Our main objective is to help those enterprises raise their salaries to Br1,000 in 2018-2019, especially in 2018,” Alexander Lukashenko said. In his words, if this instruction is fulfilled the average salary in the country can reach Br1,500.
Lukashenko demands to put Brest airport in order
11 August, 11:01
“It is essential to use all facilities and land plots here as intended. In accordance with Soviet standards, the total area was 500 hectares. But is bad when this land is neglected,” Alexander Lukashenko said addressing Brest Oblast Governor Anatoly Lis.
Lukashenko visits farms in Brest Oblast
10 August, 15:55
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made a working trip to Brest Oblast to get familiar with the harvest campaign.
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