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Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko forbids firing workers without consent of local authorities
21 March, 15:09
“It is inadmissible to cut jobs and fire workers without consent of local authorities,” the President said.
Belarus president slams non-constructive opposition
21 March, 15:05
“Don't worry. We are not going to surrender the country to anyone. We will hold it safe together,” said the President. “The greatest shortcoming of the so-called fifth column is the fact that they are too far from people's aspirations and needs.”
Lukashenko expects breakthrough in Belarusian science
21 March, 15:02
“I would like our science to make a breakthrough and defeat the horrible disease that we have not yet managed to cure. If a breakthrough happened and we learned to cure cancer just like any other disease, it would be a blessing,” Alexander Lukashenko noted.
Lukashenko: Fifth column is trying to blow up the situation in Belarus
21 March, 14:29
“There are some people bent on blowing up the situation in the country. I call them the fifth column. They are not an opposition,” said Alexander Lukashenko. The head of state stressed that it is the president's job to take care of security and defense. “I pay very serious attention to the matter,” he said.
Alexander Lukashenko during a visit to Kronospan OSB
Lukashenko comments on arrest of deputy emergencies minister on bribery charges
21 March, 14:16
Dmitry Begun is suspected of taking a bribe from a businessman in return for issuing an acceptance certificate for a new building not compliant with fire safety standards.
Lukashenko predicts boom for IT sector in Belarus
21 March, 13:36
The president remarked that Belarus is attractive to investors due to the workforce potential and high educational level. The country has created the conditions for the development of different sectors, from woodworking industry to IT.
During the visit to the enterprise
Lukashenko pledges support for honest investors in Belarus
21 March, 13:29
On the example of the enterprise, the head of state said that investors can use various preferences in Belarus. In particular, when the company imported German equipment to Belarus, it did not pay import duties and the value added tax. Such preferences made up about $100 million.
Militants about to stage armed provocation apprehended in Belarus
21 March, 13:24
When asked about possible reasons behind the more active operation of the so-called fifth column and various opposition bodies lately, Alexander Lukashenko said: “It turned out that some of them have not been idle. They have been making preparations and biding their time”.
Lukashenko sends Nowruz greetings to Iran president
21 March, 09:51
Alexander Lukashenko remarked that the relations between Belarus and Iran are increasingly vibrant. The President of Belarus expressed confidence that by joint efforts the countries will expand and enhance bilateral cooperation.
Metropolitan Filaret, Patriarchal Exarch Emeritus of All Belarus. An archive photo
Lukashenko sends birthday greetings to Metropolitan Filaret
21 March, 09:38
“For many years you have been committed to the promotion of high moral ideals, true humanism and integrity in the society,” the head of state remarked. “You have been doing your best to preserve peace and accord in our country, promote Christian values, revive and multiply Orthodox traditions.”
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