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Belarus President Administration urged to use individual approach in work with people
23 June, 16:06
“First of all, an emphasis was placed on the work with people. There was a clear-cut instruction to use individual approach in this work, namely to organize onsite meetings on private matters, organize reports of directors of enterprises, organizations, local administrations to inform the population and teams of workers about the current tasks for employees, future goals and plans of enterprises and organizations, the development of Belarusian regions,” Natalya Kochanova said.
During the meeting
Decision on promotion of entrepreneurship to be adopted at presidential level in Belarus
23 June, 13:37
The decision on the promotion of entrepreneurship in Belarus will be taken at the presidential level, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at the meeting with the senior officials of the Belarus President Administration.
The meeting in progress
Belarus president in favor of quarterly government conferences for discussing vital problems
23 June, 13:27
Alexander Lukashenko said: “We are going to discuss serious matters concerning the development of the entire country such as agriculture and utilities. Come to think of it, education is a matter of national importance, too. This is why we should make decisions on these topics.”
Lukashenko announces session to discuss situation in housing and utilities sector
23 June, 13:10
The head of state emphasized that many issues require extensive discussion at the level of the president. One of them is the state of affairs in the housing and utilities sector. A decision was made to improve this sector on the example of Minsk, the president reminded.
Valery Mitskevich, Nikolai Snopkov, Maxim Ryzhenkov, Natalya Kochanova
Lukashenko instructs to put priorities straight in education
23 June, 12:36
“We should dot all the i's in August and determine the period of time during which we will solve remaining issues. For example, with school books. When, where, and in what volume will we prepare and publish new books? It is also needed to solve other issues,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Lukashenko sends National Day greetings to Luxembourg
23 June, 09:30
The head of state expressed confidence that the friendly relations between Belarus and Luxembourg will be vigorously developing for the benefit of the two countries and nations and in the interests of peace, security, and cooperation in Europe.
Lukashenko, CEI foreign ministers discuss terrorism, migration, situation in Ukraine
22 June, 12:29
At the beginning of the meeting Alexander Lukashenko called for sincere and open conversation and stressed that he is ready to listen to all the proposals and concerns. In his opinion, it is very important not to give up on these problems, to discuss them and look for solutions.
Belarus' CEI presidency viewed as additional opportunity to improve understanding with EU
22 June, 11:37
We view our presidency as a unique opportunity for Belarus to effectively engage in the European integration processes. The CEI cooperates closely with the European Union, participates in its various programs and projects, including the regional development strategy, Alexander Lukashenko said.
Lukashenko calls on CEI countries to build bridges between integration associations
22 June, 11:19
The member states of the Central European Initiative should join efforts to build bridges between various integration associations on the continent, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at the meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs of the CEI countries on 22 June.
Lukashenko: It is important for Belarus to cooperate with both East and West
22 June, 10:38
“The foreign policy of our country has a multi-vector and peaceful nature. We are committed to building friendly, mutually beneficial relations with all states. It is equally important for our country to develop cooperation with the East and the West without making an artificial choice between them,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
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