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Lukashenko praises progress in modernization of OAO Kamvol
“I have come to congratulate you on the completion of the great modernization project. We launched it long ago, faced many difficulties. Different things happened. I think that we have done everything to reach our main goal, which is to produce good fabrics,” the head of state said as he met with the personnel of the enterprise.
Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus invites Russia's Kursk Oblast to cooperate in manufacturing, agriculture, construction
5 December, 12:11
Alexander Lukashenko stressed that Kursk Oblast is Belarus' reliable partner, and the visit of the governor is viewed by the Belarusian side as a testimony to the sincere interest in the development of bilateral cooperation.
Lukashenko tops CIS leaders' approval rating in Russia
5 December, 11:53
According to the survey, Belarus and Kazakhstan enjoy the strongest support of Russians among the CIS states. As many as 60% of those polled believe that Belarus is the most stable and successful country in the CIS. It is followed by Kazakhstan (41%).
Lukashenko sends National Day greetings to Thailand
5 December, 10:02
“It is important to mention an important role of Thailand in East Asia, a big dynamics of the country's economic development and people's wellbeing,” the message of greetings reads.
Alexander Lukashenko
Tobacco industry development proposals submitted to Belarus president
4 December, 12:24
The head of state remarked that there are two reasons why this session was convened. The first one is a big demand for these products abroad. “It is clear that these are excisable goods generating huge budget revenues,” the president said. “We expect to get Br1 billion, or $0.5 billion in the equivalent, this year. These are big tax revenues.”
Lukashenko, Rahmon agree to work out roadmap to guide Belarusian-Tajikistani relations
1 December, 18:26
Alexander Lukashenko went on saying: “We will have to think about what we are going to buy from you, what you are going to buy from us, what areas we will explore together, what joint ventures we are going to set up. We should step up work in Tajikistan and Tajikistan will become closer to us.”
Customs regulations in free economic zones in Belarus adjusted
1 December, 16:48
The decree allows different resident companies in the same free economic zone to use the same premises (the same land plot) as a free customs zone. The document is supposed to enable conditions conducive to the most effective usage of land, manufacturing premises, and warehouses.
Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus offers vehicles, equipment to Tajikistan, eager to buy cotton fiber in return
1 December, 13:36
The Belarusian head of state said: “We are ready to fully satisfy Tajikistan's demand for automobiles, road construction machines, mining machines, and other vehicles and machines you may need.”
Alexander Lukashenko
Tajikistan to host Belarusian expo, business forum soon
1 December, 13:27
"We have agreed to hold, maybe in the spring, a large-scale expo of our companies and enterprises in Tajikistan. The idea is to branch out together into the markets of Afghanistan and Pakistan," the Belarusian head of state noted.
Alexander Lukashenko and Emomali Rahmon
Lukashenko calls for exploring Belarus-Tajikistan mutual trade in medications, medical herbs
1 December, 13:16
“We need to explore counter deliveries of medicines and herbal raw materials. I suggest considering packing Belarusian medications in Tajikistan. This practice has proved its worth in other countries,” the head of state said.
Lukashenko: Values of the 1917 All-Belarusian Congress are still relevant
1 December, 12:28
Consulting with those who work hard to create our wealth at the All-Belarusian People's Congresses, we learn the second lesson of the history of our statehood: the unity of all Belarusians is the only thing that can secure our freedom to choose and preserve the independent way of development, the president said.
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