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Alexander Lukashenko Lukashenko explains decision to dismiss sports and forestry ministers
“I do not comment on my decisions, but I can explain them. You are my voters and it is my duty to explain my decisions to you. I think there is nothing new. From the very first presidential elections I have been committed to eliminate corruption in Belarus,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Lukashenko wants more active information coverage of BelNPP construction project
13 February, 13:21
“A crucial aspect in the work of the Emergencies Ministry at the current stage is the monitoring of the BelNPP constriction and operation safety,” the head of state remarked. “Among other things is the information coverage of the BelNPP construction project.”
Lukashenko criticizes work with military personnel in Belarusian army
13 February, 12:42
“I want the Defense Minister to inform the Security Council about the measures that are taken to improve the state of affairs in the Belarusian army, raise motivation and improve military service conditions. It is very bad that the Defense Ministry has not paid enough attention to the work with the military personnel,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
During the meeting
Lukashenko: CSTO is seriously underestimating current situation
13 February, 12:41
The head of state underlined that the allied relations of Belarus are becoming particularly important. Last year, the country chaired in the Collective Security Treaty Organization.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko gives credit to law enforcement agencies, yet calls situation ‘not favorable'
13 February, 12:39
The second important matter on today's agenda is law enforcement and protection of the population. This is what we are living for and what our government is aimed at, the president said.
Lukashenko: The world one step away from global confrontation for first time since mid 20th century
13 February, 12:08
"We are very much concerned over the speculations by some countries regarding nuclear weapons, the militarization of the Eastern European region, and the unprecedented build-up of the military potential in our neighboring countries. This pertains to both their armed forces and defense spending,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Lukashenko: No real alternative to Minsk as negotiating venue for Ukraine conflict settlement
13 February, 11:52
According to the president, the world failed to resolve any of the ongoing armed conflicts last year. Moreover, new hotspots of tension have emerged, while the political confrontation between the states and coalitions gets formalized in the national strategies.
Alexander Lukashenko. An archive photo
Lukashenko urges to further streamline licensing regulations in business
13 February, 11:23
Alexander Lukashenko said that the state has worked out and is implementing a complex of legal measures to support business, including the measures to reduce the number of obsolete penalties in the Criminal Code, eliminate unnecessary and bulky licensing procedures.
Alexander Lukashenko and Hassan Rouhani. An archive photo
Lukashenko sends National Day greetings to Iran
12 February, 09:54
The head of state praised a high level of cooperation between the two countries.
An archive photo
Belarus president extends greetings to participants of Vladimir Spivakov festival
10 February, 13:48
“The noble educational mission of the festival, its contribution to the development and popularization of high academic art merit profound respect. Traditionally, this art project carries an immense moral momentum, makes people's lives more interesting, spiritually rich,” the greetings say.
An archive photo
Belarus declares 2018 as Year of Native Land
9 February, 14:30
The decision was prompted by thoughts about the importance of native land for every person, the head of state clarified.
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