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Alexander Lukashenko and Markku Markkula Belarus interested in interacting with EU on development of regions
“I am very glad to meet with you because you deal with very serious problems. We faced them long ago, in Soviet times. These problems involve our people living in rural areas, villages and small towns. We are reliable partners for those in Europe who want good and happy lives for people living, first of all, in rural areas,” the president said.
Belarus-China industrial park residents promised best business regulations in EAEU
19 May, 16:11
The document envisages a “one-stop shop” principle for the park. Public authorities now should send employees to the park to carry out administrative procedures at park's request.
Golubev dismissed as deputy commander of Interior Ministry's internal troops for armament
19 May, 14:59
Vladimir Golubev has been relieved of the post of the deputy commander of the Interior Ministry's internal troops for armament – armament chief and transferred to the retired reserve.
Lukashenko, Orda discuss pensionable service issues
19 May, 14:48
“Pension coverage issues were discussed. We focused on certain categories of people whose personable service period is not big enough due to objective reasons,” Mikhail Orda said after the meeting.
Igor Shunevich
Belarus' Interior Ministry plans 10% staff reduction
19 May, 14:24
The minister spoke about the plans of further reforms in the law enforcement system. “Among other things, we suggest reducing the central apparatus of the Interior Ministry by almost 10%. The position of one deputy minister will be made redundant. A number of subordinate agencies will be also optimized,” Igor Shunevich said.
Trade union movement described as essential for Belarus
19 May, 12:52
“I would like to stress it once again: I will keep paying great attention to the development of trade union movement. This is the pillar of our country and mine as a president. I carefully observe what is going on in this field,” the Belarusian leader noted.
An archive photo
Belarusian trade unions urged to step up efforts in elite sport development
19 May, 12:49
“Sport is in the spotlight of trade unions. According to your estimates, every year you train about 500 aspiring athletes. Where are they? We do not seem them,” the president remarked. “Therefore, we must do something here to promote this industry. You should take care of these athletes, support them and supervise their progress because we cannot lose them. You say that you have trained 500 people, but we do not see results in elite sport.”
Alexander Lukashenko. An archive photo
Lukashenko promises to support development of party system in Belarus
19 May, 12:15
“If existing parties can reproduce, enhance, strengthen, raise the number of members, we will support this process. This pertains to both opposition and non-opposition parties,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Alexander Lukashenko and Mikhail Orda
Lukashenko supports FTUB's initiative on people's control over prices
19 May, 11:58
“Thank you for putting forward initiatives to enhance control over the fulfillment of three tasks concerning pricing, employment, remuneration,” the president said.
Pioneers at Brest Fortress
Lukashenko congratulates BRPO on 95th anniversary
19 May, 09:34
“The pioneer youth is wonderful time. It is the time of emotions, sincere friendship, elevated ideas and good deeds,” the message of greetings reads.
Nikolic may continue supervising Belarus-Serbia relations after his presidential term expires
18 May, 11:31
“I have known Aleksandar Vucic (Serbia president-elect since 2 April 2017. – BelTA's note) for 25 years. He is committed to the same policy. Therefore, nothing will change in our relations. I have agreed with him, the Russian president, the Chinese president that I will coordinate the cooperation with the Russian Federation and China,” Tomislav Nikolic assured.
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