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Lukashenko plans to hold extended NOC sessions on quarterly basis
30 May, 12:06
“I have decided and I promise that extended sessions of the NOC Executive Committee under the auspices of the president will take place every three months,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Alexander Lukashenko
Team Belarus under fire for poor performance at Rio Games
30 May, 12:00
“The team's performance was a total failure: the 40th place in the medal table. Does it meet the level of our investment in sport and the state's attention to this area?” the President noted.
Lukashenko demands better performance from Belarusian athletes
30 May, 11:38
“A number of pending issues still exists in the industry. Sport as a crucial ideological instrument of the state policy did not become the source of national pride and inspiration for Belarusians. Everything is done for athletes in our country, but the results could be better,” the head of state said.
Lukashenko suggests reviewing report of Belarus' NOC audit commission
30 May, 11:36
The president heard out a report of the audit commission. “You say that there were no violations, that everything was normal,” he said. In his regard, Alexander Lukashenko asked what where the grounds then for the claims of law enforcement bodies towards the NOC executive committee regarding the construction of certain facilities.
Belarus' NOC. An archive photo
Lukashenko holds Olympic Assembly of Belarus' NOC
30 May, 10:23
The president remarked that the assembly had been postponed for a long time. Time was needed to analyze the results of the previous Olympic cycle, evaluate the prospects of Belarusian athletes at the forthcoming Olympic Winter Games, discuss the preparations for the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo.
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko reelected NOC president
30 May, 10:17
Alexander Lukashenko took the post of the NOC President on 15 May 1997.
Belarus president wants proper army parade on Independence Day
29 May, 12:24
Alexander Lukashenko said: “We have decided we are going to organize a parade this year. We need a genuine and impressive parade. This is what a parade is supposed to achieve. It is a demonstration. We are going to demonstrate to the people that the army does its job.”
An archive photo
New state awards instituted in Belarus
29 May, 11:18
The system of state awards in Belarus was formed taking into account rich positive experience of the Soviet award system, the national interests and priorities of sovereign Belarus. The existing award system is an optimal system acknowledged by the people, the list of state decorations includes awards for achievements in all walks of life of the state and the society and does not require drastic changes.
An archive photo
Lukashenko sends Republic Day greetings to Azerbaijan
29 May, 10:02
“Great achievements of your country in various fields are acknowledged by the global community and serve as reference points for other states,” the head of state remarked.
Lukashenko: Border guards ensure the inviolability of the Belarusian borders
29 May, 09:51
“Loyalty to the best traditions, eagerness to enhance them and protect the borders of the Republic of Belarus have been and still are the priorities for the current generation of border guards,” the message of greetings reads.
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