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Alexander Lukashenko at Turov Dairy Industrial Complex
Belarus president gives three criteria to analyze all milk processing plants
27 April, 19:56
According to the head of state, milk producers should supply raw materials to successful milk processing plants, in the first place. This will increase their workload, and the government budget will get additional revenue in the form of taxes.
Lukashenko examines Pripyat River bridge reconstruction progress in Gomel Oblast
27 April, 17:07
“Since the bridge is so important, then we need a good one. We should spare no expense for the bridge project. If we try to spare a million or two, we will get either a narrow bridge or some other imperfection… This is why a solid bridge has to be constructed. And a sufficiently broad one at that,” said the head of state.
Lukashenko to inspect Pripyat bridge renovation progress
27 April, 16:53
The head of state will be informed about how the crossing of the Pripyat River has been organized and how the construction of the new bridge is proceeding.
An archive photo
Workers of Belarus' State Forensics Committee honored with state awards
27 April, 11:32
Workers of the Belarusian State Forensics Committee have been honored with state awards in recognition of many-year productive work, professional excellence, exemplary fulfillment of service duties, significant achievements in forensic science. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko signed a corresponding decree on 26 April.
Belarus attaches importance to relations with RSA
27 April, 09:49
“Belarus attaches great importance to the development of mutually beneficial relations with your country. I am confident that bilateral cooperation will continue expanding in all the areas for the benefit of the people of our states and in the interests of peace, stability and progress on the African continent,” the message of greetings runs.
King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands
Lukashenko sends King's Birthday greetings to Netherlands
27 April, 09:17
“For Belarus the Netherlands is one of Europe's most important partners in trade and economic cooperation. I am confident that the relations between our states have a big potential and good development prospects,” the president stressed in his message of greetings.
Alexander Lukashenko
Belarusian farmers told to properly maintain agricultural machines
26 April, 12:14
Judging by the information that I have received, I can say that no proper work on maintenance of the machine and tractor fleet has been organized yet, Alexander Lukashenko said.
Lukashenko to visit Chernobyl-affected Belarusian regions
26 April, 12:09
“Today is a traditionally sad day that marks the 32nd anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Today I will fly to Southern Belarus, to the districts affected by the disaster. First of all, I want to see the status of the sowing campaign and learn how my instructions on the use of undeveloped farm lands are carried out,” the head of state noted.
Lukashenko orders to complete new bridge over Pripyat before 7 November
26 April, 11:46
“The work should be completed this year. No postponements for 2019. The bridge should be officially opened before 7 November. All the related works should be completed before the end of the year. Send there as many specialists as you consider necessary,” the head of state said.
Lukashenko, Sarkissian discuss situation in Armenia over phone
26 April, 09:05
The Armenian president told the Belarusian leader about the current situation in the country, stressing that it remains complicated.
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