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Lukashenko praises progress in modernization of OAO Kamvol
“I have come to congratulate you on the completion of the great modernization project. We launched it long ago, faced many difficulties. Different things happened. I think that we have done everything to reach our main goal, which is to produce good fabrics,” the head of state said as he met with the personnel of the enterprise.
Belarus views Oman as reliable friend and partner
20 November, 10:18
The head of state emphasized that Belarus always views Oman as a reliable friend and partner.
Lukashenko: The government will continue helping Belarusians find jobs
17 November, 19:28
Alexander Lukashenko told the BelGee employees: “In no other country the government and the president — although it is certainly my job — pay so much attention to employment assistance the way it is done in Belarus. Yes, jobs are created over there, but people have to get up and move to the location of the job."
Alexander Lukashenko
Central government, Minsk Oblast administration instructed to develop Zhodino
17 November, 18:58
The head of state stressed that there are large companies located in Zhodino and the suburbs. This means that new specialists will move to the city and will bring their families. In this regard, he urged to clean up the city and pay close attention to housing construction.
Belarus' National Stadium to feature Chinese motifs
17 November, 18:56
"I have asked my friend Xi Jinping to build a stadium with a Chinese flair to demonstrate our friendship with the people of China to everyone, including Belarusians. Now the site of the stadium is being chosen,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
Alexander Lukashenko on a tour of the new car factory
Belarusian car maker BelGee promised big government contracts
17 November, 18:04
Alexander Lukashenko said: “I've already forbidden the entire power vertical to buy import cars. We've already bought dozens of [Geely] cars. We will gradually replace the rest now, starting with the central government and ending with municipal government agencies. We are already doing it.”
Belarus president encourages BelGee car maker to set up own engineering department
17 November, 17:42
Alexander Lukashenko said: “We should create a design engineering office of our own. We need 10-13 people initially, who will get in touch with our design engineers from MAZ, BelAZ and will accumulate experience little by little so that we could design cars of our own from scratch.”
Longer warranty period for Belarus-made Geely cars under consideration
17 November, 17:13
Alexander Lukashenko was convinced: “We should extend the warranty period to five years. We already offer four years and 100,000km of mileage. We need five years. It has to be done.”
Lukashenko: Decree to stimulate purchase of Belarusian cars will be signed soon
17 November, 17:10
“We are thinking of the ways to help people buy these cars. Families need cars. Therefore, it is essential to find ways to support you. I think we will find good variants. The document will be signed in the near future,” Alexander Lukashenko said. “We are mulling over various options, including deferred payment loans and leasing.”
Alexander Lukashenko
Lukashenko on car production launch in Belarus: My dream has come true
17 November, 16:50
“Our friends responded to my request and helped to set up this wonderful factory. They have also given a loan. Therefore, first of all I would like to say that my dream to produce a car in Belarus has come true,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
BelGee car factory
Belarus president to attend BelGee car factory opening ceremony
17 November, 12:35
Alexander Lukashenko is expected to visit a BelGee car factory in order to participate in the opening ceremony. A number of government officials, top executives of the company, representatives of major Chinese companies will also take part in the ceremony.
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