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During the meeting Belarus hopes to develop relations with Latin American, Caribbean states with Cuba's help
“I would like Cuba to continue supporting us in the establishment of closer relations with friendly countries of the Caribbean Basin region and Latin America. We would like to have good relations with them. Of course, these ties should rely on the trade and economy,” the head of state said.
Alexander Lukashenko and Yuri Senko
Belarus ready to operate under new EAEU Customs Code
22 September, 16:23
Yuri Senko gave the Belarusian president the first copy of the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The document comprises all the international agreements of the five member states, and also a number of novelties that take into account the present-day economic needs.
Alexander Lukashenko and Yuri Senko
Belarus' budget revenue up thanks to higher transit traffic
22 September, 15:15
According to Yuri Senko, the State Customs Committee fully meets the target set forth for the revenue collection. He clarified that this is about the estimated numbers based on the statistics on the economics and business and on the projections.
Belarusian customs officers thwart 50 attempts to import drugs in 2017
22 September, 15:06
“This year the Belarusian customs service has thwarted 50 attempts to move drugs through our border in the direction of Belarus and Russia,” the chairman of the State Customs Committee said.
Lukashenko expresses condolences to Mexico president over earthquake victims
22 September, 14:13
The head of state remarked that the sad news about a new earthquake in Mexico filled the hearts of Belarusians with deep sorrow.
Alexander Lukashenko and Leonid Anfimov
New draft decree to revise powers of audit agencies in Belarus
22 September, 12:34
The head of state pointed out the fact, in accordance with the existing legislation, audit agencies can temporarily suspend the operation of enterprises. “It is not up to auditors to decide.
Alexander Lukashenko and Leonid Anfimov
Lukashenko urges to get rid of unfounded inspections of businesses
22 September, 11:47
It is essential to get rid of unfounded inspections of businesses, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said when he heard out a report of Chairman of the State Control Committee Leonid Anfimov on the draft decree “Concerning measures to improve control (audit) activities” on 22 September.
Lukashenko sends Independence Day greetings to Armenia
21 September, 12:15
“I am glad to note that our countries are traditionally connected by solid relations of friendship, partnership and mutual respect. I am convinced that the further enhancement of bilateral dialogue and development of all-round cooperation fully meets the interests of the Belarusian and Armenian peoples,” the message of greetings reads.
Alexander Lukashenko
Belarusian defense industry to continue profound modernization, new weapons in development
20 September, 14:17
Alexander Lukashenko was confident that it is not necessary to buy new expensive defense products for millions of U.S. dollars if the available systems can be upgraded to achieve comparable performance. “We know how to accomplish it, including aerial vehicles, armored vehicles, and firearms,” stressed the president.
Lukashenko: No need to worry over presence of Russian troops in Belarus
20 September, 14:10
A German journalist asked whether the Belarus president can guarantee that the Russian forces will leave Belarus when the army exercise is over. “I think numerous guarantees had been given before the exercise even started,” the president said.
Lukashenko: Zapad 2017 goals achieved
20 September, 13:50
According to the president, the main phase of the army exercise was held in six ranges and two sections of terrain in Belarus. The organization of territorial defense was practiced during the exercise.
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