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Sergei Rakhmanov. An archive photo
Senator: Belarus will benefit from positive changes in Russia-US relations
17 July, 16:12
“If the Helsinki summit brings about some changes that will have a positive impact on Russia's relations with the West and the United States, this will benefit Belarus too,” Sergei Rakhmanov noted.
Mahmadsharif Haqdod. An archive photo
Ongoing Tajikistan CIS presidency lauded as successful
17 July, 14:34
The concept of Tajikistan's presidency in the Commonwealth of Independent States provides for a number of important organizational and practical measures aimed at further deepening the cooperation in the CIS, the ambassador said.
Marianna Shchetkina. An archive photo
Belarus plans to hold national forum on sustainable development in January 2019
17 July, 13:11
It is expected that the event will bring together representatives of the government, civil society, business and academia. The main issue for discussion will be the national sustainable development strategy up to 2035, which is being developed by the inter-agency group in Belarus.
An archive photo
St. Petersburg to host meeting of Eurasian Intergovernmental Council on 26-27 July
16 July, 17:44
The meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council will be attended by Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.
Turkey thankful to Belarus for friendship, solidarity
16 July, 10:32
“Two years ago Turkey survived an unprecedented terrorist attack in today's history. It was a threat to the stability and wellbeing of our country, peace and fraternity. On the call of the president the Turkish people rose up to defend the country's sovereignty and democracy,” the Turkish ambassador said.
France viewed as Belarus' important partner in Europe, worldwide
16 July, 09:24
“In January 2018 Belarus and France marked 26 years of diplomatic relations. Over the time the two countries had a lot of different and sometimes difficult moments. However, the dialogue between our countries has never stopped,” said Oleg Kravchenko.
Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Belarus invites UNECE to assist with creating network of national SDG coordinators
13 July, 19:57
Irina Velichko, Belarus' charge d'affaires in the UN, took part in the session in the UN HQ. She invited the UNECE to get involved in practical assistance with creating a partnership network of national SDG coordinators for the sake of sharing the best practices.
Andrei Dapkiunas and Cui Qiming. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Construction of new building for Chinese embassy in Minsk discussed
13 July, 19:10
Andrei Dapkiunas and Cui Qiming discussed the Chinese embassy's interaction with the Belarusian side as part of the plans to construct a new building for the Chinese diplomatic mission in Minsk.
Belarus, EU to hold fifth round of bilateral Human Rights Dialogue in Minsk 17 July
13 July, 18:07
The EU delegation will be led by Dirk Schuebel, Head of Division for Bilateral Relations with the Eastern Partnership Countries of the European External Action Service. The Belarusian delegation will be led by Oleg Kravchenko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.
Belarus' ambassadors to continue working to have market access restrictions lifted
13 July, 16:41
Belarus' ambassadors need to continue working to have all restrictions on the access of Belarusian products to foreign markets lifted, Belarus' Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei said when summing up the results of the annual seminar of the heads of diplomatic missions and consular institutions of Belarus.
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