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Vladimir Makei. An archive photo
Belarus' Foreign Minister to visit Oman 20-21 March
20 March, 09:46
Vladimir Makei is expected to meet with government officials, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the State Council, the Consultative Assembly, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and also businessmen of Oman.
UNCTAD to help promote Belarus' integration of integrations initiative
17 March, 19:55
Yuri Ambrazevich and Mukhisa Kituyi discussed the state and prospects of Belarus-UNCTAD cooperation, UNCTAD's participation in promoting the integration of integrations initiative the Belarus president had suggested.
Viktor Guminsky. An archive photo
OSCE PA summer session in Minsk believed to hold great economic potential
17 March, 16:34
According to Viktor Guminsky, the 26th session will enhance the country's role in global politics and security.
Didier Canesse. An archive photo
French diplomat about Belarus' visa-free rules, Minsk agreement and Belarusian language
17 March, 11:47
When asked about his associations with Belarus before his arrival to the country as a diplomat, Didier Canesse said that it was mainly art, and the Paris School artists Marc Chagall, Chaim Soutine and Ossip Zadkine.
Christine Muttonen
Muttonen welcomes Kupchyna's nomination for OSCE Secretary General post
17 March, 09:02
The decision will be taken by the corresponding institutional structures of our organization. This is, no doubt, a sign that shows Belarus' readiness to make serious commitments to the international organizations,” the OSCE PA President said.
Nurlan Nigmatulin and Marianna Shchetkina
Belarus interested in Kazakhstan's experience of reforming civil service, utilities industry
16 March, 17:29
The Belarusian MP noted that Kazakhstan is a key partner for Belarus across the board. She said it is extremely important to bolster interparliamentary ties in addition to advancing trade, economic, and regional interaction and cooperating in science and space exploration.
Belarus calls for strengthening OSCE economic and environmental dimension
16 March, 16:49
Alena Kupchyna stressed that the economic and environmental dimension is an integral part of the comprehensive security concept. This can help promote the rapprochement of peoples, overcome fragmentation and “build bridges”, develop a positive agenda of the OSCE for the restoration of the climate of trust and dialogue.
Belarus views OSCE PA as key venue for inter-parliamentary dialogue
16 March, 15:15
The parties discussed the state and prospects of Belarus' cooperation with the OSCE and its Parliamentary Assembly, including the issues related to the preparations for the 26th OSCE PA Annual Session in Belarus. The forum will take place in Minsk on 5-9 July.
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth signs Brexit deal into law authorizing exit from EU
16 March, 14:51
House of Commons Speaker John Bercow announced Thursday that the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill has received Royal Assent from the queen, which was passed by the parliament on Monday.
Belarus, Kazakhstan to step up exchange of lawmaking practices
16 March, 13:41
The decision to intensify the exchange of the best lawmaking practices between the respective committees, standing committees of the parliaments, and groups for cooperation was announced by Nurlan Nigmatulin.
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