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Andrei Dapkiunas and Ruchi Ghanashyam. Photo courtesy of Belarus' Ministry of Foreign Affairs India mulls over e-visas for Belarusians
Ministerial consultations are a traditional instrument of cooperation between Belarus and India to consider important bilateral and international matters. The previous round of consultations took place in Minsk in November 2016.
During the conference
CSTO in favor of regular contacts with OSCE in combating terrorism
9 October, 17:48
The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) calls for establishing regular contacts with the OSCE to combat modern challenges and threats, CSTO Deputy Secretary General Valery Semerikov said.
Thomas Greminger
OSCE wants new approaches to combating cyberterrorism
9 October, 17:02
The OSCE Secretary General underlined that terrorists and radicals often use the Internet to recruit, train and radicalize people and to encourage them to get involved into terrorist activities. In his words, the use of information and communication technology for malicious purposes is a serious threat to peace and stability; therefore it is critical to stand up against it.
Stanislav Zas
Belarus pledges support for efforts to resolve global, regional issues
9 October, 16:58
Belarus has been a consistent supporter of the broadest possible cooperation to reduce global and regional risks, challenges and threats to international security, including those related to terrorism, extremism, transnational crime,” Stanislav Zas noted.
During the conference
UN suggests strategic counterterrorism coalition
9 October, 16:42
Information and digital technologies have brought both advantages and new dangers, Vladimir Voronkov said.
Vladimir Makei
Belarus open for closer counterterrorism cooperation with other countries
9 October, 16:15
“We are open for closer contacts with other states, their law enforcement agencies and security services, as well as international organizations to combat terrorism,” Vladimir Makei said.
Vladimir Makei
Makei: War on terror requires close coordination at global, national levels
9 October, 15:52
No nation can address the challenges of terrorism on its own. Maximum coordination at the global, regional and national levels is key to success, Vladimir Makei said.
Belarus seen as outpost to identify foreign terrorists in migration flows
9 October, 15:34
Belarus is a reliable outpost for international partners in identifying foreign terrorist fighters in passenger and migration flows, Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei said at the conference “Preventing and Countering Terrorism in the Digital Age".
During the conference
Makei urges international community to unite efforts against terrorism
9 October, 15:18
Fragmentation of counterterrorism efforts into coalitions that pursue their own political ends, involvement of non-state actors, and support for some terrorist organizations in their fight against other terrorist groups will only exacerbate the threat of terrorism and extremism, Vladimir Makei said.
Vladimir Makei. An archive photo
Terrorist threats against Belarus sketched out
9 October, 15:05
According to the source, due to the transit geographical location Belarus faces the entire spectrum of external challenges and threats characteristic of the European region. The threats include terrorist militants among the foreigners travelling in transit via Belarus or temporarily staying in the country.
Vladimir Putin. An archive photo
Putin to attend Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia
9 October, 14:57
On 12 October Mogilev will host a plenary session of the 5th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia. The session will be attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.
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