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Nikolic: Serbia's policy towards Belarus will not change as new president takes office
22 May, 11:31
“There will be no new ideology, " Tomislav Nikolic said. “I have been working together with Aleksandar Vucic for the past 25 years, and our ideas are the same,” he noted. According to the Serbian president, the policy towards Belarus will remain the same.
Photo: Anadolu Agency
Erdogan re-elected as head of Turkey`s ruling party
22 May, 09:29
Less than three years after giving up the post, a revised Constitution passed in last month's public referendum gave Erdogan the chance to return to the party helm at an extraordinary party congress in the capital Ankara.
Importance of Minsk dialogue for discussion of alternative viewpoints stressed
19 May, 15:44
Vladimir Makei said that there has been skepticism about the Minsk platform as a venue for the settlement of many burning issues. He pointed out that the idea to set up this platform was put forward by the analytical community.
Belarus promotes connectivity in greater Europe as CEI president in 2017
19 May, 15:20
Minsk is set to host the OSCE PA annual session in 2017. “We are thoroughly preparing for the event keeping in mind the importance of the OSCE for security in Europe. Belarus has a lot to offer at the forthcoming session,” the minister said.
Belarus plans to become key hub in new Silk Road project
19 May, 14:30
According Vladimir Makei, the recent visit of the Belarusian president to China has shown that Belarus is developing strategic partnership with China, one of the world's most rapidly growing countries.
Belarus and Russia MPs to enhance interaction in foreign policy
19 May, 13:30
The commission for foreign affairs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus-Russia Union State has held several meetings recently to discuss what needs to be done to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries in foreign policy.
Belarus named most peaceful post-Soviet country
19 May, 13:26
According to Vladimir Makei, the real value of peace is particularly evident nowadays, when the world in unstable and shaken by armed conflicts, wars and terrorism.
During Vladimir Makei's speech at the opening of the international conference
Progress in strengthening Belarus' independence seen as result of integrated efforts
19 May, 13:15
Vladimir Makei believes that workers of culture and athletes are full-fledged “ambassadors” of Belarus. People's diplomacy makes its contribution to the development of ties with other countries.
Concordant approaches in foreign policy of Belarus, other countries noted
19 May, 13:10
“Belarus' balanced approaches to most complicated matters on the regional and global agendas are concordant with approaches of other countries. This is why many of them become our adherents, even the countries we have certain troubles cooperating with,” noted Vladimir Makei.
Makei: Belarus does its best to prevent military conflicts
19 May, 12:43
According to the minister, Belarus is trying hard to facilitate a peaceful settlement to the conflict in Ukraine, although some may think it is impossible.
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