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Vladimir Makei
Belarus interested in pragmatic interaction of Eastern Partnership countries
23 May, 17:37
Belarus has submitted a number of proposals meant to invigorate the initiative's work, which is being discussed in the European Union. The minister of foreign affairs explained that the Belarusian side had suggested projects, which could be implemented within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Initiative.
Vladimir Makei at the opening of the forum
Makei: Belarus' Helsinki-2 initiative seeks to boost global security
23 May, 17:15
“It is no secret that despite all significant achievements of the Helsinki Process and its subsequent developments, we have failed to come up with single and indivisible security on our continent,” Vladimir Makei said.
Vladimir Makei
Belarus-EU dialogue moves forward progressively
23 May, 17:01
“A calm and progressive process goes on. We discuss all the matters relating to our mutual relations such as political, economic, humanitarian, social ones and other ones. We express our vision of prospects of our relations. We hear out partners and try to find contact points,” said Vladimir Makei.
Vladimir Makei during the forum
Makei: Belarus strongly feels the heat of confrontation between countries
23 May, 16:47
Belarus strongly feels the heat of today's confrontation between countries. This confrontation has a very negative impact on all aspects of our lives: political, economic, social,Vladimir Makei noted.
Vladimir Makei at the forum
Belarus hopes for progress on visa facilitation, readmission agreements with EU
23 May, 16:30
The minister added that Belarus plans to continue facilitating its visa requirements for its partner countries.
Vladimir Makei
Belarus' genuine interest in peaceful resolution of conflicts emphasized
23 May, 16:23
“70 years after World War Two ended we couldn't imagine even in nightmarish dreams that somewhere close, in a country we border with large-scale combat operations will be staged once again and civilians will be killed once again,” noted Vladimir Makei.
Vladimir Makei speaks during the forum
Makei: UN Security Council, OSCE Permanent Council turn into places of accusations
23 May, 16:04
Look at what sessions of the UN Security Council and the OSCE Permanent Council have turned into. The organizations designed to primarily address issues of peace and security have turned into places of accusations where you hear only words of hatred and threats, Vladimir Makei said.
Vladimir Makei speaking at the forum
Makei: Sanctions-related issues will be gradually resolved
23 May, 15:40
The minister commented on the possibility of lifting of all the sanctions imposed on Belarus by the West. “Moving forward gradually, we will address all the matters related to the sanctions,” Vladimir Makei said.
Anatoly Vyborny
CSTO members urged to elaborate uniform response to terrorism
23 May, 15:14
"Today we are facing a number of threats like political and ideological pressure on the public, first of all, on minors who are not able to properly evaluate and respond to risks in view of their age,” Anatoly Vyborny emphasized.
Sergei Lavrov and Vladimir Makei. An archive photo
Russian FM to visit Belarus on 29 May
23 May, 13:08
Sergei Lavrov and Vladimir Makei will exchange views on the development of cooperation in the Union State, the CIS, the CSTO, the EAEU and discuss the coordination of efforts in the OSCE and other international organizations.
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