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Vladimir Makei. An archive photo
Makei: Belarus makes its contribution to enhancing trust on the continent
17 July, 09:05
“There is not only verbal opposition or some hostile rhetoric. There is also a vivid inflammation of tensions,” said the minister.
Makei: Belarus ‘does not seek' EU membership, but wants close cooperation
14 July, 18:53
“We do not seek EU membership but we want to take a more active part in the integration associations in the post-Soviet area, like the EAEU," the minister said.
Makei: Belarus will never be a source of war or threat of war
14 July, 18:15
Deploying new military forces will not contribute to the stability and security in the region. We are resolutely against the deployment of NATO's forces in the Baltic countries and Poland.
Vladimir Makei. An archive photo
Belarus working on new ideas to bring peace to Ukraine
14 July, 18:10
Vladimir Makei is quoted as saying that Belarus is preparing new ideas in order to give a new impulse to the agreements reached in Minsk, the main venue for negotiating the resolution of the situation in Ukraine's east with assistance of Germany, France, Ukraine, and Russia under the OSCE aegis.
Makei in an interview with El Pais: Belarus considering extending visa-free stay period
14 July, 18:00
“Since spring, EU citizens can travel to Belarus for a period of up to five days without a visa. The minister said the government is considering extending this period,” reads the interview.
Grigory Rapota
Belarus, Russia hailed as drivers of integration
14 July, 15:17
Thanks to the long-standing close ties in all areas, including in economy, Belarus and Russia have been the core of not only the Union State but also of the Eurasian Economic Union.
Efforts urged to cultivate CSTO's positive image in international arena
14 July, 11:15
Yuri Khachaturov spoke about the CSTO's present-day priorities and the preparations for a CSTO Parliamentary Assembly meeting.
Minsk to host CSTO foreign ministers on 17 July
14 July, 09:01
The event will be held under the chairmanship of Belarus Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei. The meeting will be attended by CSTO Secretary General Yuri Khachaturov.
Igor Dodon
Dodon: Moldova and Belarus will always be connected by friendly relations
13 July, 22:30
Igor Dodon noted: “Dear friends, it is a great honor for me to greet you on behalf of my country's leadership, on behalf of the Moldovan nation for the first time in 26 years. This forum has become internationally recognized. It is this forum that has launched the careers of famous artists from dozens of countries, including Moldova.”
Igor Dodon
Moldova president's visit to Belarus ‘above all expectations'
13 July, 20:34
I think after this working visit we will be able to take our bilateral relations to the next level, Igor Dodon said.
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