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State Secretary of Belarus' Security Council meets with Egyptian Military Production Minister
14 March, 19:17
Stanislav Zas and Mohamed El-Assar discussed military and technical cooperation affairs. Opinions about topical problems of international and regional security were exchanged.
Belarus attends session of UN Commission on the Status of Women
14 March, 17:53
Valentin Rybakov informed the participants of the national measures taken in Belarus for economic empowerment of women. The Belarusian government has approved the fifth National Action Plan for Gender Equality 2020 in order to implement the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development with respect to gender equality.
Nurlan Nigmatulin
Speaker of Kazakhstan's Mazhilis to visit Belarus 15-17 March
14 March, 15:53
Nurlan Nigmatulin will meet with Belarusian Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov, Chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko, and Chairman of the Council of the Republic Mikhail Myasnikovich.
Michael Roth
Michael Roth: Germany supports Belarus in its accession to WTO
14 March, 13:39
I would be happy if Belarus made part of the WTO. We need this economic cooperation, fairness in trade, and the WTO is a powerful instrument here,” Michael Roth said.
Belarus rejects false choice between East and West
14 March, 12:54
Oleg Kravchenko drew attention to the tensions in the European region, of which Belarus is keenly aware due to its unique geopolitical situation.
Michael Roth
Germany interested in Belarus-EU rapprochement
13 March, 18:51
Michael Roth said: “The European Union should bear its responsibility for peace, stability, and democracy in entire Europe. And Belarus is one of the central countries in Eastern Europe. We have a huge number of global and international crises. They can be resolved, provided all of us work together.”
Vladimir Makei
Makei: Positive momentum in Belarus-Germany bilateral relations
13 March, 18:17
We were happy to note the positive momentum in the Belarusian-German relations, the intensification of political contacts, and expansion of the thematic dialogue, Vladimir Makei said.
Michael Roth and Vladimir Makei
Belarus views Germany as key partner in European region
13 March, 16:58
Belarus views Germany as a key partner in the European region. We are convinced that there are more things that unite our countries than divide, Vladimir Makei said.
Belarus, Israel keen on advancing trade, economic cooperation
13 March, 15:14
The sides discussed a broad range of matters concerning the bilateral relations. The sides confirmed their interest in further advancing trade, economic, and investment cooperation, in expanding interaction in humanitarian affairs, and in stepping up business contacts between Belarus and Israel.
Opinion: Eurasian integration crisis seen in Russia's attitude to its ally
13 March, 15:05
The current situation is very tough, the expert believes. There is such a notion as gas geoeconomy, gas geopolitics. Gas is a strong instrument and it should be used for a particular goal.
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