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Polesskiye Syry produces 12-14t of cheeses per day

Polesskiye Syry produces 12-14t of cheeses per day

20.04.2017 | 11:50

The milk processing plant Polesskiye Syry in Khoiniki was built in 1984. The company was to reach its designed capacity in May 1986, but the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant destroyed its plans. In May the plant stopped producing cheeses as local raw materials were unsuitable due to high radionuclides content. The company was redesigned to make technical casein. The plant was able to resume cheese production in 2000. Today, the company produces 25 tonnes of whey powder and 12-14 tonnes of cheese per day, and also chocolate glazed curd bars.

In 2004 the company equipped a radiological laboratory with the help of the IAEA. More than 80% of products are exported to Russia.

Pictured is cheesemaker Maria Stanko.

Photo by Ramil Nasibulin, BelTA