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Lukashenko urges compliance with law and constitution in protecting peace in Belarus
We will discuss the entire spectrum of information and measures which have been taken as part of our anti-terrorism efforts, and will make corresponding conclusions. I reiterate that we will act in compliance with the law without threatening anyone, Alexander Lukashenko remarked.


Belarus in Human Development Index ranking Belarus ranks 52nd out of 188 countries in the Human Development Index list. Belarus' HDI ranking for 2016 puts the country in the "very high human development" group.
Mogilev Free Economic Zone FEX Mogilev is home to 39 resident companies. The projects currently in progress are worth more than €1.3 billion in investment.
Belarus' main social and economic development indicators in January-February 2017 The ratio of the stock in storage in late February 2017 as against the average monthly industrial output totaled 70.7%.
Visa-Free Travel To Belarus More than 4,600 foreign nationals* from 59 countries have visited Belarus under the five-day visa-free entry program (launched on 12 February 2017).


During the visit to the enterprise Lukashenko pledges support for honest investors in Belarus
On the example of the enterprise, the head of state said that investors can use various preferences in Belarus. In particular, when the company imported German equipment to Belarus, it did not pay import duties and the value added tax. Such preferences made up about $100 million.


Andrea Rigoni Rigoni emphasizes recent progress in Belarus-Council of Europe relations
“I would like to say that over the past two years and a half we have managed to achieve a lot more than we did in the past decade. When we talk to each other calmly, we compare the issues we have and are able to build trust-based relations, as it should be,” Andrea Rigoni said.
Dmitry Mironchik. An archive photo Belarus' MFA: State authorities prioritize stability, security of citizens
Dmitry Mironchik pointed out that matters related to the protection of stability, public safety and security were discussed at the meeting held by the head of state on 23 March.
CIS IPA Council to discuss International Parliamentarism Day initiative
During the meeting, the CIS IPA Council is expected to adopt the statement “On the 25th anniversary of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States member states”.


Draft competition program to be submitted to Belarus government by 1 December
The working group is led by First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vasily Matyushevsky.

Society Redefining Online Shopping
Belarusian has found a way out by creating a platform for all product categories. With this website, buyers no longer need to spend time searching for the best deal.
Mikhadyuk: Belarus open to dialogue with EU on NPP project
Belarus is working on a national report on stress tests, which will be presented to the public and the European Commission, to prove that the nuclear utility is built in accordance with top safety standards, Mikhail Mikhadyuk said.
Belarus seeks more joint pharmaceutical projects with India
Now Belarus and India are implementing three investment projects in the production of medicines. Mikhail Myasnikovich expressed the hope that their number will increase following the visit of the representatives of the Indian pharmaceutical companies to Minsk.


Andrei Kobyakov PM: Belarus will prepare well for European Games 2019
Belarus will prepare properly for the European Games 2019, Belarusian Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov told journalists after he inspected the Minsk sports facilities that will be used in the European Games in Belarus in 2019.