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Belarus president dispels fears over five-day visa-free travel rules
The document was in development for a year and a half. It was thoroughly reviewed by all the government agencies, first of all, in terms of the potential risks it may pose for Belarus, our partners and neighbors, Alexander Lukashenko said.


Belarus' main social and economic development indicators in 2016 In 2016 Belarus' gross domestic product totaled 97.4% as against 2015.
Changes of the key lending rate in Belarus over time The refinancing rate is the lending rate set by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus to regulate interest rates on the money market.
Belarus-Sudan: Trade and Economic Cooperation Belarus-Sudan bilateral trade is made up almost entirely by Belarusian exports.
Belarus-Egypt trade and economic cooperation Belarus-Egypt trade and economic relations have been steadily advancing for the last few years.


Alexander Lukashenko Lukashenko urges to streamline land allocation regulations
“Our task is to think over all amendments. I do not mean that it is impossible to revise certain legislative norms: ordinances, presidential decrees, and laws can be amended because life does not stand still and everything changes. But I would like to know why we need to revise this document,” Alexander Lukashenko said.


Nikolai Snopkov Snopkov: Belarus and China enter a new level of cooperation
“Through all of these years we have worked hard, gradually building, developing and strengthening cooperation in various spheres, and we have reached great results,” Deputy Head of the Belarus President's Administration Nikolai Snopkov noted.
Cui Qiming and Vladimir Kravtsov Grodno to build cultural bridge with China
During the first international cultural expo of the Silk Road in the city of Dunhuang in 2016 agreements were made in favor of building a cultural bridge for the sake of more active interaction in this sphere in addition to building the Silk Road Economic Belt.
Vladimir Makei. An archive photo Makei: Belarus should stay in line with global processes, including cooperation with WTO
“We do not expect that we will be given the green light immediately, but the forthcoming talks are of great importance. I think that Belarus should stay in line with the processes that are taking place worldwide, including within the framework of our cooperation with the World Trade Organization,” Vladimir Makei said.


PM: Measures for financial recovery of Belarusian farms bring results
Andrei Kobyakov visited a number of companies in Glubokoye to take stock of the progress made in the financial recovery of processing and agricultural companies.


A road sign directing motorists towards the Belarusian nuclear power plant Belarusian nuclear power plant to start getting nuclear fuel in late 2018
The official reminded that in line with the general contract on building the Belarusian nuclear power plant the general contractor will have to supply enough fuel to fully load the two reactors and to reload them one more time.
Legislative initiative to regulate Uber-like taxi services in Belarus
The working group of the Industry, Fuel and Energy Complex, Transport, and Communication Commission focuses on the application of digital technologies in transport industry, in particular, the use of digital technologies for organizing transportation by taxi.
Stanislav Zas. An archive photo Belarus' efforts to enhance border security praised
Stanislav Zas said that Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has approved the resolution on Belarus' state border protection in 2017. The meeting also focused on the results of 2016.


Belarus getting ready for Second European Games
The Prime Minister stressed: “The head of state has given instructions to organize the European Games in the best possible manner. We have 2.5 years left till the event but the feeling that there is a lot of time left is deceiving. All the responsible parties must approach their tasks as responsibly as possible.”


Svetlov: Yanka Kupala's legacy is of international importance
Yanka Kupala's legacy is of international importance. Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, and Slovakia will also join the anniversary celebrations, Boris Svetlov said.
Orthodox Christmas celebrations in Belarus wrap up with folk rites
The authentic Pull the Kolyada Up the Oak rite will be performed in the village of Noviny in Berezino District on 21 January.
Lord of the Sound to bring the best of film music to Minsk
The symphony orchestra Lords of the Sound together with Pavel Chubinsky chapel choir will perform the hits by John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Ennio Morricone in a concert in Minsk Concert Hall on 9 April.