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Nine state programs of 2017 recognized as highly efficient in Belarus
The head of government drew attention to the state programs on roads and utilities. “People often make their opinion about the work of the government as a whole based on how effective these sectors are,” he said.
Bykhov Vegetable Canning Factory
Bykhov Vegetable Canning Factory launches export to Tajikistan
21 May, 18:19
“The arrangement to deliver our products to Tajikistan was reached during the Belarus National Expo in Dushanbe. We responded promptly to the requests of our partners and sent a consignment of canned green peas, corn and squash spread,” Alexander Morozov noted.
Andrei Kobyakov
Kobyakov gives interview to Xinhua
21 May, 17:57
During the interview Andrei Kobyakov answered questions about Belarus-China relations, like Belarus' participation in the construction of the Silk Road economic belt, trade and economic engagement of the two countries, development prospects of the Great Stone park and other joint projects, mutual visa waiver program, humanitarian contacts and many other matters.
Vitebsk Oblast to bolster ties with Jiangxi Province of China
21 May, 17:06
For the successful interregional cooperation we also need to develop friendship between people and economic cooperation. The friendly relations create the basis for joint implementation of industrial projects, said Yao Zengke, the chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the head of the Jiangxi delegation.
South Korea interested in Belarusian IT products
21 May, 15:39
Shin Myoung-jin said: “Belarus has advanced fundamental science, a good foundation for making high-tech products. We can advance our mutually beneficial cooperation with this in mind. We are considering importing products in the area of information technologies."
Tajikistan eyeing Belarus' machinery for processing industry
21 May, 15:07
Tajikistan is member of the World Trade Organization, which means that it has access to the global market. Belarus' machinery and technologies are up to date and allow manufacturing world-class products,
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EAEU, South Korea may sign FTA in 2019
21 May, 15:00
“Belarus can offer its Korean partners the opportunities to enter the vast Eurasian market. A round of negotiations on the free trade zone with the Eurasian Economic Union was completed in Seoul. I think both parties would like to see it implemented as quickly as possible. This depends on additional rounds of negotiations. We expect that we can sign this agreement within two years, i.e. next year,” Vladimir Ulakhovich noted.
Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garces
Ecuador seeks to attract Belarusian investments in assembly plants
21 May, 14:37
Ecuador would like to raise Belarusian investments in order to set up assembly plants to produce vehicles and agricultural machinery, Ecuador's Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garces said.
Belarus, China urged to seek new online trade cooperation model
21 May, 13:37
The official stressed that China President Xi Jinping had suggested a new idea for building a common destiny community as part of the Belt and Road initiative. It is a great idea of the 21st century. It is necessary to work together to implement it, he said.
China's Humanwell ready to branch out to Belarus
21 May, 13:34
The Belarusian delegation that included a representative of the administration of the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park Great Stone visited the Humanwell office on 19 May.
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Belarus unveils action plan to implement ¥1.75bn loan agreement with China
21 May, 11:50
The document was adopted to fulfill the investment project “Hi-Tech Agro-Industrial Full Cycle Complex Project for 2016-2032” (first stage). The agreement concluded between the government of Belarus and the Exim Bank of China envisages that the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation will receive ¥1.75 billion for the investment project.
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