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Government oversight over private sector in Belarus to focus on prevention
The focus in efforts of government agencies will be shifted to prevention. Instead of audits more technical and verification measures will be taken. If faults are found, punishment will not be exacted if the subject at fault fixes the shortcomings.


Belarus' main social and economic indicators in January-September 2017 January-September 2017 as against January-September 2016: GDP – 101.7%, industrial output* — 106.1%
Refinancing rate in Belarus Belarus' central bank will reduce the refinancing rate from 11.5% to 11% per annum on 18 October.
Drone flight restrictions The Belarusian Defense Ministry has extended the list of locations where unmanned aerial vehicles must not be flown. UAVs are classified as aircraft without a human pilot on board, which fly in visual range of the operator, and autonomous free-flying devices.
Belarus' export targets to EU in 2018-2020 Belarus' Council of Ministers has determined how much commodities and services government agencies and organizations are to export to the European Union in 2018-2020.


Top officials of Belarus' Operations and Analysis Center suspended
Alexander Lukashenko reviewed a number of criminal cases, which investigation he keeps an eye on. Evidence concerning the performance of heads of central government and municipal government agencies and illegal actions taken by individual officers of law enforcement agencies and power-wielding bodies were reviewed.


Belarus, Spain to galvanize cooperation in tourism
According to the ambassador, the opening of the Belarusian pavilion as part of one of Europe's largest tourism expos in Madrid in January 2018 will help achieve the goal. The signing of a Belarusian-Spanish agreement on cooperation in the sphere of tourism will also help.
During the meeting. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belarus, Turkey to deepen cooperation in financial sector
At the meeting the sides agreed to fulfill further measures to improve conditions of the Belarusian-Turkish trade, economic, and investment cooperation, including the optimization of logistics for the delivery of cargoes and the deepening of cooperation in the financial sector.
Parliaments of Belarus, Australia may set up friendship groups
The Australian MPs thanks the Belarusian colleagues for the meeting. They noted that the cooperation with Australia can greatly increase the presence of Belarus in the Asia-Pacific region.


Belarus aims to reach $1bn in trade with Turkey by 2017 end
The parties discussed the Belarusian-Turkish cooperation in trade, industry and investment, and outlined plans for further development of cooperation in a number of areas of mutual interest.


Radiation accident response exercise begins in Belarus
The prime minister noted that it is a planned exercise and is taking place in line with the international commitments undertaken by countries that are about to commission major nuclear energy installations.
Vladimir Gusakov Gusakov: Philosophy should promote international cooperation, integration
“The interest in understanding scientific and philosophical ideas has been recently on the rise in the Belarusian society, as in many other countries. Productive approaches are developed to match traditions with innovations in the politics, economy and culture," said Vladimir Gusakov.
Igor Karpenko meets with Jose Ramon Saborido Belarus suggests setting up vocational training center in Cuba
Cuba imports Belarusian equipment and needs specialists to operate it. Taking into account a big distance between the two countries, it is impractical to send Cuban specialists to Belarus for training.


Belarus 91st in FIFA rankings
Over the past month Igor Kriushenko's team has played two final 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, losing 1-3 to the Netherlands and 1-2 to France.