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10:24 31 March 2023

Lukashenko addresses the nation and the parliament and answers questions online

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed the nation and the parliament in a live broadcast, which began at 11:00 on 31 March.

Over 2,500 people gathered in the Palace of the Republic: top-ranking government officials, heads of government agencies, members of the central government, mass media, representatives of the diplomatic corps, young Belarusians, reporters, and other ones.

The president answered questions from those present.

By the way, Aleksandr Lukashenko announced the forthcoming address during a meeting with representatives of foreign and Belarusian mass media in mid-February:

“We are preparing the address absolutely sincerely. There will be a reaction to all the questions. And we will try to take a look slightly ahead within the framework of this address.”

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