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12:36 22 December 2022

9 hours of talks in Minsk! // What did Lukashenko and Putin agree on? | AFTER THE FACT

President of Russia Vladimir Putin visited Belarus on 19 December. In general, the news about the Russian leader's working visit to Minsk caused a strong public reaction. In the Belarusian capital they traditionally prepared to welcome the foreign guests as warmly as possible. The Russian delegation was large and about 100 reporters were accredited for covering the talks. They should have taken a look at all the conspiracy theories out there: why did Putin decide to come to Lukashenko all of a sudden? For the first time since 2019! But Lukashenko revealed the entire conspiracy theory of the talks several days before the visit and took the wind out of their sails. Let's find out why Vladimir Putin actually flew to Minsk, what the presidents agreed on and whether Belarus should be afraid of losing its sovereignty. // AFTER THE FACT: LUKASHENKO'S DECISIONS

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