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12:56 17 June 2022

Secret POW prisons in Ukraine! Life in Donbass. People's stories

Free Lugansk where destroyed infrastructure is already being restored. Inhumane shelling of peaceful Donetsk city blocks by the Ukrainian army. Work in the Mariupol port and mine clearance of the shore line. Ruins of the steel mill Azovstal, which became the last stronghold for the Nazi battalion Azov. Stories of eyewitnesses and a conversation with a woman, who has been fighting for freedom for eight years, with explosions in Donetsk in the background. Berdyansk and Melitopol, which have volunteered to become part of Russia. A BelTA reporter saw all of that and more than that with his own eyes during a trip to Donbass where the Russian army is carrying out a special military operation.

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