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20:24 19 November 2021

The refugees stuck at the Belarusian-Polish border still get all kinds of aid

19 November is the 12th day since refugees arrived at the Belarusian-Polish border. About 2,000 people are now staying in the transportation and logistics hub Bruzgi.

Belarusian authorities provide the refugees with everything they need, in particular, food and hot meals courtesy of the Belarusian army. Women and children are prioritized.

In addition to ready-to-eat meals the refugees are handed out about 8 tonnes of food daily. A necessary amount of food is stored in warehouses and gets constantly replenished, including by concerned Belarusians.

The refugees are also provided with indoor sleeping space, bed linen, and warm clothes. In addition to drinking water they can get hot water from the army's mobile kitchen trailer. Medical aid is available 24/7.

A shop van has been park outside the transportation and logistics hub upon the refugees' request. The refugees can also exchange foreign currency for Belarusian rubles. A food truck started working at the site on 19 November, too.

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