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25 August 2022, 14:00

Why is Minsk World growing in popularity?

Minsk World is a multifunctional business, residential, entertainment, sports and financial complex, which has started a new page in the history of modern architecture in Belarus.

Minsk has made one step towards high standards of comfort. For residents of the Belarusian capital, they are created by foreign and Belarusian urban planners, who had projects successfully implemented in various parts of the diverse world. The Minsk World team is making use of most advanced solutions and technologies today.

The multifunctional complex is being built on the former runways of the first Belarusian airport Minsk 1 and gives room for a flight of imagination of Belarusians and citizens of other countries, those who have long been looking for a truly cozy and comfortable residence, dreaming of finding a tandem of ideal location and quality of construction, and also most favorable terms of purchase.

All of this you can find in Minsk World that relies on the unique concept of modern urban planning "15-minute city" - the cornerstone of the growing popularity of this multifunctional complex. Time is the most expensive of currencies. The concept of "city inside the city", embodied by the architects of Minsk World in every centimeter of space, enables you to save time. Everything you need (kindergartens and schools, cafes and sports grounds, boutiques and supermarkets, parking lots and safe playgrounds) is always nearby.

The quarters of Minsk World are named after the continents and parts of the world, and the new houses of the multifunctional complex bear the names of the famous world capitals. The group of developers is doing everything possible to ensure that the terms of acquisition are the most attractive.

You can invest your own funds in the acquisition and thus make an investment in the hardest currency today, namely prestigious real estate with high growth potential. At your disposal are:

· - loan from the partner bank (from 11.87% to 20 years)

- interest-free installments (up to 60 months)

- real estate offered at the previous rates until the end of summer!

1€ = $1! The dollar and the euro hit parity!! Real estate prices have become lower, and housing has become more affordable. This is the best time to invest in Minsk World real estate, where the prices are tied to the euro.

Minsk World offers attractive prices for the purchase of real estate in houses that are currently under construction and in finished houses in the comfortable quarters. Only until the end of August, on the terms of unprecedented benefit, you can purchase an apartment in certain quarters of the complex. Take a look at the quarters covered by the Summer Promo!

Asia quarter

Here, every inch of space is well-thought to secure maximum comfort for kids, the younger generation, business people, and those who have reached the age of wisdom. A kindergarten and a shopping mall are in the pipeline. Nearby will be a parking lot, and colorful children's playgrounds.

Happy Planet quarter

The quarter will feature a new urban park of about 40 hectares with fountains, recreation areas for adults and children, sports fields for basketball, volleyball, football, work-out, parkour, area for public festivals, bicycle tracks and health trails, summer cafes and an alpine garden, and gazebos.

"Southern Europe quarter

The quarter is close to the city center. Aerodromnaya Street, one of the key thoroughfares of the Belarusian capital, runs nearby. Drivers can take advantage of the roundabout near the building of the former airport and reach any part of the city in 15 minutes. In addition to a kindergarten designed for 230 children, the quarter will boast cafes and restaurants, a pharmacy, and a workout zone.

Western Europe quarter

The quarter will feature fourteen 25-storeyed one-section houses, two kindergartens with swimming pools, a music school, a community education center with a library, a modern polyclinic for 300 visits per shift, a shopping mall, a sports complex, a basketball stadium and a tennis court.

Tropical Islands quarter

The quarter is built in the heart of the mixed-use complex. It will feature a school in its center. The houses of the quarter will overlook an extensive green area, townhouses and city villas, an exhibition center and a sports complex. A community and trading center will make part of the ensemble of modern 25-storey houses.

Mediterranean quarter

This quarter will surprise you with a variety of architectural and planning solutions. Mid-rise houses create a soft boundary between the private space of the apartments and the street. Tree crowns will protect the residents of the quarter from overheating, dust and noise.

Minsk World is everything you dreamed of for so long. Would you like to invest your savings in the safest way?

The cost of square meters of residential properties in Minsk World will rise because it is here that the International Financial Center is being built – a transnational hub for implementing business ideas and projects. Its addition to the map of the multifunctional complex will bring it on par with legendary business quarters of the world.

One of Belarus' largest (about 138,000m2) shopping and entertainment centers Avia Mall will appear here to offer a record-high number of brands (about 500 shops and boutiques). It will feature a multistory car park and a large hypermarket. The huge food court (about 9,000m2) will offer a broad choice of dishes of Belarusian cuisine and foreign ones.

Residents of various parts of the Belarusian capital city, other cities, and many other countries come to Minsk World to live, relax, and work. The multifunctional complex, which is becoming the center of cultural, business, entertainment, and sport life of the capital, is an ideal place for a startup or for developing a business project. A number of places are already open to customers

BBJ Grill & Bar



Darol and Kukhni Modul

Gippo and KFC

Fainy Lis

These and many other places are located in the safe territory of the quarters or directly in stylobates of the houses. They attract not only residents of the complex but those, who come here to enjoy a system of comfort, beauty, and amenities.

Would you like to own an apartment with a base build layout where any designer ideas can be implemented?

Are you interested in becoming the owner of a commercial property where a startup is destined to succeed or which can be rented out at a profit?

Now is the most appropriate time!

The Summer Promo is nearly over but through 31 August you can grab the best offers and buy residential and commercial premises in Minsk World.

Special offers are available to corporate clients. If you decide to sell your old home via the real estate agencies, which are partners of the multifunctional complex's group of development companies, you are entitled to an additional discount for buying ready and under construction apartments as part of the promo “Seize the moment! Move to a new house!” .

The short number is 7911 (the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719). You are welcome to come to the sales offices located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street and 11 Mstislavtsa Street! Minsk World specialists work in 57 towns and cities of Belarus. They will definitely find answers to your questions!

Minsk World. A territory for comfortable life and successful start of a business career!

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